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  1. In case anyone checks this and hasn't seen the new thread...there is a thread with the discussion questions on it if you search "Book Club"
  2. Ah sorry girls!! I just now saw this thread!! Sorry about the late discussion questions posting. Here are 16 questions from a "Book Club Discussion" website. I think they are all really good BUT, first... * Lets just give opinions of the book...good and bad! How did you feel when reading it, what were your favorite/least favorite parts? * 1.) In Susie's Heaven, she is surrounded by things that bring her peace. What would your Heaven be like? Is it surprising that in Susie's inward, personal version of the hereafter there is no God or larger being that presides? 2.) Why does Ruth become Susie's main connection to Earth? Was it accidental that Susie touched Ruth on her way up to Heaven, or was Ruth actually chosen to be Susie's emotional conduit? 3.) Rape is one of the most alienating experiences imaginable. Susie's rape ends in murder and changes her family and friends forever. Alienation is transferred, in a sense, to Susie's parents and siblings. How do they each experience loneliness and solitude after Susie's death? 4.) Why does the author include details about Mr. Harvey's childhood and his memories of his mother? By giving him a human side, does Sebold get us closer to understanding his motivation? Sebold explained in an interview about the novel that murderers "are not animals but men," and that is what makes them so frightening. Do you agree? 5.) Discuss the way in which guilt manifests itself in the various characters - Jack, Abigail, Lindsay, Mr. Harvey, Len Fenerman. 6.) "Pushing on the inbetween" is how Susie describes her efforts to connect with those she has left behind on Earth. Have you ever felt as though someone was trying to communicate with you from "the inbetween"? 7.) Does Buckley really see Susie, or does he make up a version of his sister as a way of understanding, and not being too emotionally damaged by, her death? How do you explain tragedy to a child? Do you think Susie's parents do a good job of helping Buckley comprehend the loss of his sister? 8.) Susie is killed just as she was beginning to see her mother and father as real people, not just as parents. Watching her parents' relationship change in the wake of her death, she begins to understand how they react to the world and to each other. How does this newfound understanding affect Susie? 9.) Can Abigail's choice to leave her family be justified? 10.) Why does Abigail leave her dead daughter's photo outside the Chicago Airport on her way back to her family? 11.) Susie observes that "The living deserve attention, too." She watches her sister, Lindsay, being neglected as those around her focus all their attention on grieving for Susie. Jack refuses to allow Buckley to use Susie's clothes in his garden. When is it time to let go? 12.) Susie's Heaven seems to have different stages, and climbing to the next stage of Heaven requires her to remove herself from what happens on Earth. What is this process like for Susie? 13.) In The Lovely Bones, adult relationships (Abigail and Jack, Ray's parents) are dysfunctional and troubled, whereas the young relationships (Lindsay and Samuel, Ray and Susie, Ray and Ruth) all seem to have depth, maturity, and potential. What is the author saying about young love? About the trials and tribulations of married life? 14.) Is Jack Salmon allowing himself to be swallowed up by his grief? Is there a point where he should have let go? How does his grief process affect his family? Is there something admirable about holding on so tightly to Susie's memory and not denying his profound sadness? 15.) Ray and Susie's final physical experience (via Ruth's body) seems to act almost as an exorcism that sweeps away, if only temporarily, Susie's memory of her rape. What is the significance of this act for Susie, and does it serve to counterbalance the violent act that ended Susie's life? 16.) Alice Sebold seems to be saying that out of tragedy comes healing. Susie's family fractures and comes back together, a town learns to find strength in each other. Do you agree that good can come of great trauma?
  3. LadyP - I am so glad you found the strength to move on from such a trying situation - that's an incredible feat!!! Now - I'm new so you guys don't know a lot about me....I'm trying to think of interesting things...
  4. It was ANNOYING that they kept fighting! There was no point! Did you guys like the new DK song...Lights Out (I think that is the name)? I liked it...but it will have to grow on me. I wonder when all of these albums are going to come out...I might have to buy the boys!!!!
  5. He proposed right around the 3 1/2 year mark - just a few days off...I keep track We will get married right before our 5 year anniversary and have been living together for only 5 months - but, so far so great!!
  6. OK guys...I'm getting some discussion questions together...I figure we can mix some literary (but not too heavy) questions with opinion and personal relation questions. Please feel free to throw in any other questions you thought of while reading! If you want to PM me with them I will put together a list. I was thinking about posting the list on Friday the 21st so everyone can think about it over the weekend. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions on how to do this first one - I've never been in a Book Club!!
  7. I was 10 minutes late this morning because I accidentally left it in plain view last night and everytime I see it I have to read a "page"
  8. aaaannnnnndddd I need to cut back on exclamation marks
  9. Over the past few years or so I have been focusing on quality not quantity...My mom gives me THE hardest time for spending $150 on jeans...but you know what? I have three awesome pairs that I have had for 3 years...they still fit perfectly!! I remember buying jeans once every few months b/c they stopped looking good...in the long run I spent more back then! I rarely go to the mall anymore b/c nothing lasts!!!
  10. Relax with no travel!!! Since FI and I only have 2 weeks of vacation we have to relax!! Q: Is there something you know you can change about yourself but don't? (Did that question make sense?) I'll answer for me: I constantly procrastinate and it annoys ME!
  11. Well...I am a bit of a sporadic crier. I rarely cry b/c of life situations, instead I get it all out at random times (such as at a Superbowl party when the cute Clydesdale commercial came on)
  12. So...anyone who hasn't read it...what do you think so far? I couldn't put it down last night and kept crying...my FI thinks I am crazy!
  13. OK - this is really specific...but there is a Mexican restaurant in Ft Worth that has an outdoor patio with twinkle lights. When it is dark outside and I am out there it sparkles like CRAZY. I think I go there for that reason...not gonna lie...I like the attention
  14. I swear there are girlscout cookies on every flat surface in my office!!!!
  15. When I looked at Pei Wei and PF Changs on that website I was SHOCKED. I can put away almost a whole entree and I think there are about 3 servings per plate NOT counting rice. Insane.
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