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  1. I'm really not sure, why it's not working. I can view them. Try this: http://moyrobswedding.shutterfly.com/
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by msmoodyr Everything gorgeous!! I love the pics!! Do you mind sharing the florist contact info? Thanks so much! Shangri-La Flowers email address: shangrilaja@yahoo.com Her name is Andrea. Great lady!! Moy
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Soon2beWed09 is that the cake u get with ur package or did u get it from an outside vendor? Outside vendor, Sheila's Bakery. And I'm still trying to get the info for those who have asked for her contacts. My TA has it, all communications with the baker went through my TA and I've emailed her for the info. Still waiting........ I'll pass it along as soon as I get it.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Soon2beWed09 Hey girl congrats...Her comes my question lol I see u had the white chairs for ur ceramony did u havre to pay a Additional fee for them the reason I asked is because I see u had them at ur reception too... Yes, $5 per chair and I think $2 ea for the sash.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by latricej919 I love the garden set up....Were the prices for that the same as a private reception? Yes, $55 per person. Includes open bar and the food was great!!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jill I am just wondering if you brought your own Sashes because all the ones I have seen at the resort have been satin where yours were organza which I love?? No, I paid for those at the resort. I think Chandlyn said she was going to order my sashes from the same florist I used, that's why they are different. I actually would have preferred the satin sashes because they are more rich in color. But those were nice as well.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by soon2bemsleblanc Congrats, your pictures are amazing! I love your colors!!! Where did your husband get his tie? We got his tie from Brooks Brothers but the outlet store not the regular store. Not sure if you could find it online. We bought it recently so it should still be in stores if you have a Brooks Brothers outlet near you.
  8. Here's a link to some of our pro pics that I uploaded to Shutterfly. http://moyrobswedding.shutterfly.com/24 You may need a password to sign in. Password: wilson040409 Let me know if it doesn't work.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Debra~ Your pictures were great and you looked beautiful! Do you have the information for Sheila's Bakery? I'm trying to find someone to do our cake. Was it good? What flavors did you have? Are they reasonable? I don't have her information because I never spoke to her directly, everything was arranged through my travel agent. But I will get the info and pass it along. I paid $250 for my cake, my cake was a white rum cake with cream filling. It was absolutely delicious!!!!! Everyone complimented me on the cake. Chandlyn, my coordinator, knew of Sheila's Bakery and even commented on how great her cakes are during our meeting so she seems to have a good reputation. I'm sure you can get any flavor you like. The cake was very, very good.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Jill Congrats.. your pictures are great!!! You said that you brought your own songs for first dance but did the DJ have a lot of CD's for the rest of the reception? did he have all kinds of songs oldies? rock? Dance? etc etc Thanks I didn't provide the DJ with any other music besides the first dances. He has a variety of selections. He played oldies, pop, r&b and some hip hop. No rock but I'm sure he has rock songs, he did play some soft rock tunes while we were eating. I would make cd's if you have specific songs you would like played. I wanted to do that but ran out of time. The dj was good though, I had no complaints. My family is jamaican and he played a lot of great reggae, they were pleased.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Sensatori Bride Congratulations!! Where are your pictures? Sorry, you were a little to quick, lol. I just posted a few photos in my review. I was adding my photos when you replied. I will post will post a link with my pro pics as soon as I get them all uploaded to a photo share site.
  12. I am back from ROR!!! We were there from 4/1/09 to 4/10/09. My wedding was Saturday the 4th at 4pm. We had the time of our life!! ROR is absolutely beautiful!!! We had so much fun there; we had an absolutely wonderful experience!!!! The staff is wonderful, everyone we spoke to said they had a great time. Now here’s my wedding review: We arrived there on Wednesday the 1st. I had set up a meeting to meet with Chandlyn for Thursday at 9:30am prior to our arrival. I had a meeting with the florist at 5:00pm in the lobby on Wed., I did not use Tai Flora, and Chandlyn was actually there to meet me with the florist. She knows the florist very well since the florist has done a lot of weddings at ROR and Chandlyn was nice enough to come introduce herself. I found this florist through my agent and she was excellent!!! I ordered a bouquet, 2 floral arrangements for the huppah, a boutonniere, roses for the cake, and 7 centerpieces. The total came up to around $900. If anyone wants her contacts let me know. You will see all her flower arrangements in the photos. Chandlyn: She is awesome!!! I think during the 10 days I was there, there was at least 2 weddings a day. So Chandlyn is very busy but efficient. She told she has about 60 weddings this month alone, so if she doesn’t respond to your emails right away you know why. She is a very busy girl, Riu definitely needs a bigger wedding department with the amount of weddings they do. We had our meeting bright and early Thursday morning. We had corresponding several times via email since I wanted a private reception. We requested the huppah, white chairs (5 p/chair), orange sashes ($2 ea), steel band ($350), hor d’oerves ($11 p/person) DJ for 4 hours, and private reception ($55 p/ person). We also ordered a cake from another vendor (Sheila’s Bakery) so we didn’t have the Riu’s standard cake. I brought all my decorations down, vases for the centerpieces, table runners, place cards, rose petals, candles, guest sign in, sand ceremony vases, etc, and gave them to Chandlyn during the meeting. We had a huge suitcase full of decorations and I left the suitcase with Chandlyn and picked it up after the wedding. I had everything typed up for Chandlyn and I also explained everything to her during the meeting. My husband was very worried at first, he thought Chandlyn was too laid back and wasn’t sure if she would get everything. But I told him not to worry, Chandlyn knows what she is doing and she definitely went far and beyond to ensure everything was perfect!! Renova Spa: I went there on Friday to get a polish change. I had my nails done before I left, but my polish chipped. I was charged $28 for a polish charge for my nails and toes. A bit pricy since my nail salon charges $7 for French manicure polish change. But my nail technician did an excellent job! On the wedding day, Nikki did my hair and makeup. She did an absolutely excellent job. I was the most worried about my hair and makeup and I was not disappointed at all. I brought my own Mac makeup. I tipped her $35 dollars since she did such a good job! She was the only person there that day so I didn’t get to see the other stylist. Here are a few pics of me at the salon on my big day: Photoshop: I booked the head photogrpaher package but when I got there I was told there was a scheduling conflict and Michael would be in Montego Bay on Saturday. They gave me Lincoln and he was great!! We are very happy with our photos!! We got 76 high resolution pics on disc and the package was $870. Lincoln took about 484 pics and we had to narrow it down to 76, many were duplicates though. I plan on ordering atleast 30 more, there were so many good pics that we didn't get. Wedding Day: Ceremony: My ceremony was at 4pm on the beach. I chose the huppah instead of the gazebo and I asked Chandlyn to only use the fabric on top and keep the legs bare. So I was only charged $100 for the huppah instead of the standard $200. The ceremony didn’t start until 4:20 because my mother wasn’t ready and kept my father and I waiting, I was very pissed and almost started the ceremony without her. The ceremony went without a hitch, the minister is great! The ceremony lasted about 20 minutes and it was lovely. Here's a few pics of the ceremony: Reception: My reception was at the garden/gazebo area!! It was the first time ROR has ever had a reception there and they used my wedding as the trial. Chandlyn had to get permission from management to approve it; the management was worried about the noise level since the pond gazebo was right by the rooms. We were told we had to end our reception no later the 10pm, so we booked the area for 6 to 10pm. It all started when I decided about 2 months before the wedding that wanted a private reception. I booked the Plantation at first but then decided I really wanted to do it outside. But the only place available was the beach. My mother was against the idea of having the reception on the beach and I had to respect her wishes since my parents were paying for the private reception. So I thought I would ask Chandlyn about the garden area and to my surprise we were able to get it. It was beautiful, they added lighting and everything. Here are a few pics of the set up: We did our first dance, father/daughter dance, and mother/son dance first. The DJ announced us, he was also great. We provided a CD to Chandlyn with our songs for the first dance. We also did speeches, the cake cutting, and champagne toast after dinner. Dinner was served to us and our guests had to get their food from the buffet. The wait staff and bartenders were awesome, they came out and danced with us and got the party started. They were so much fun and our guests really enjoyed them. The bartenders mixed special drinks and served them on their heads. All in all, we had a perfect day and we truly enjoyed ourselves. Both Chandlyn and Nikki stayed at our reception for a few hours to make sure everything went smoothly. I think because it was they’re first time doing a reception there they took extra care of us. I’m not sure if Chandlyn will continue to do receptions there. She said it depending on how our reception went and if any of the guests staying in the rooms nearby complained about the noise. But the guests all sat out on their balcony and cheered us on; they didn’t seem to mind the music at all. The ROR is a beautiful place with a great staff. Chandlyn and Nikki are both great. I think it is a great choice for a wedding. It’s very affordable and you can make it as simple or as extravagant as you would like it to be. Also, just an FYI I saw a wedding reception on the beach and the couple had a big white tent. I didn’t know this was an option; I didn’t get any pics because I didn’t have my camera at the time. It looked very nice, so I just wanted to let you guys know that renting a tent is an option. I think Chandlyn said it was either $600 or $700 to rent the tent. If you guys have any other questions let me know!!
  13. Congrats!! I have one week to go, I'm so excited!!!!! I can't wait to see more pics, you look great. And the pics look great!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by dc22173 Would you remember what colors you ordered on the favor tags? I have the same color scheme and came across this site a few week ago.. I was worried that the colors would not come out right. I think I was looking at the raspberry and pumpkin. Thanks!!! Your boxes look awesome I ordered the tags in Azalea.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by droland03 How are you getting those to Jamaica? I'm packing them flat and assembling them in Jamaica. The box just pops up. It literally took me a minute to put this together and with my FI's help it shouldn't take long.
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by sarah.cullen Hi Moy I haven't come across anyone else on here that has their wedding on our day, however I'm sure we're not the only ones getting married! I haven't even seen any reviews on a beach reception either, apart from Seagrape but I heard it is really close to the main stage area so it would be really loud during the shows. Have you thought about Plantation? Or is that the poolside venue?? Try not to stress too much, I know its easy for me to say that but I am positive everything will work itself out!!! Sarah x Hi Sarah, Chandlyn emailed saying I can actually have my beach reception on the beach by the gazebo not by Seagrape!!! So it would be less noisy and more private. But I've already emailed her to book the Plantation, now I am second guessing it. I wish I can actually see a dinner beach reception to sway my decision. The beach reception would cost more. Karina, I know you just did your dancing at the beach gazebo but what kind of lighting did they provide? And if I was to bring paper lanterns do you think they have anywhere to hang them by the beach?
  17. Thanks guys!! I'm really excited about them and I hope my guests like them. I'm going to pack them flat and assemble them when I get to Jamaica. I got the boxes from OrientalTrading.com. If you do a search for gable boxes they will come up. Here's a link: Oriental Trading Company I found other sites that sold them, but Oriental Trading were the cheapest. They are very cheap, 6 for $4.99. Easy to assemble. The personalized stickers and tags are from Foreverwedstore.com. Link: Personalized Favor Tags Also very cheap. I got this website from a posting here. I got some of the favors and personalized stuff from Unique Wedding Favors & Wedding Favor Ideas | Cheap Wedding Favors - from Favor Favor. And the ribbon I got from Michael's.
  18. Sorry for the size!! If someone can please make the pics smaller that would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi everyone, I finally received all my items that I ordered for my OOT boxes and I was sooo excited to put everything together to show you guys. I decided to do the gable gift boxes instead of tote bags. I love the finished product what do you guys think? The sticker on the box say: "Welcome to Jamaica! Enjoy your stay!" The tags just has our monogram and says: "Thank you" We are going to write our guests' name on the back of the tag. Contents: Johnson first aid kit (from Target) Purrell hand sanitizer (from Target) Sun block (from Target) Facial tissues Travel vanilla scented candle Ocean breeze seashell soap Mint Lip balm Note pad w/ person's initial Here's a close up of the personalized mints and lip balm: I'm going to put orange tissue paper in the boxes to make it look pretty. Also I am going to have a welcome letter, map of resort, and wedding timeline rolled up and placed right on top. I still need to get aspirin and matches (for the candles) and I think I am done!!! Although I am considering getting mugs but they wouldn't fit inside the boxes. Anything else I should add?
  20. THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm ordering chair cover and sashes as we speak. Thanks so much!!! I was going to pay ROR prices. Don't know how I'm going to bring all this stuff but I'll figure out a way...
  21. I'm also having at 4pm ceremony and I am doing the HD's for the same reasons you stated above. We are also having the steel band and would like the guests to have something to do while we are taking photos. Plus, I have a lot of greedy guests as well. We all like our food. I probably won't be able to enjoy it but atleast they will. I'm sacrificing other things so I can have the extra $300 to do the HD's.
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