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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyInMI Hey there Jen! We actually REALLY wanted to get married here. The only reason we went with Dreams Tulum instead was because of the price. At the time, it was going to cost just over $2000 per person for the trip from Detroit (air, lodging, transfers, ect) through Apple Vacations. We felt that it was a lot of money to expect our guests to pay to come to the wedding. We really liked that it was Adults only, which Dreams is not. Let me know if you have any more ?'s! Thanks so much for the reply. 2000 For how many nights? That is a lot.... I will need to look into prices from different cities for exactly what it could cost - I started looking into prices, but was thinking most people would only stay for 3 nights. Maybe they would stay longer? I guess I need to ask what people's plans are. What is the cost at DT compared to Secrets Capri? Thanks a bunch! Jen
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by carmine We went down there in April to do this!! We visited around 8 AI's and chose Secrets Capri... with Excellence as a close second (we don't have any children attending, so the adults only option was fine with us). We didn't need to set up any appointments before we arrived- basically, every morning we would call a couple of the resorts and set up a time to meet with the wedding coordinator. Give yourselves a good few hours between each property (to allow for travel time and the tour). Some took longer than others, of course because we either loved it or knew it was a no pretty much right away. All the WC's we met with were very helpful. They toured us around the resort, pointing out possible wedding/reception locations, restaurants, rooms, and anything else. We left each one with a package that we could review later. We didn't have to pay for anything- the WC will leave your name at the entrance to the resort. Just make sure you get the name of the WC at the property so that you can let the security know! Hope this helps! Wow!! 8 site visits! That is awesome! May I ask what made u choose Secrets Capri? I am seriously considering this location, but am having a hard time sifting through all the information out there..... Did you get to try the food there? Thanks! jen
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyInMI Actually, we are no longer getting married at Secrets anymore so I do not have any pics. I am sorry!! I do know that I got them from the WC there so you should be able to request pics of the various wedding locations. Sorry!! Why did you decide against Secrets Capri? I am considering this locations - if you had some problems, would you mind sharing them?? Thanks, Jen
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    Newbie! Secrets Capri Bride

    Question, why else (besides the WC) did you choose Secrets Capri over the other locations? I am really considering this location, too - but am not sure! How was the beach at SC?? Thanks! Jen
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    Picking a Resort

    One more question: How do the travel agents make their money? I worry that they will direct me to resorts or vendors that they are getting paid to refer to?? I have no idea how that works......
  6. JeniFroh

    Picking a Resort

    We have been thinking of contacting a travel agent, too..... I guess I thought it would be best for us to narrow down the search first, then go to the travel agent when we had a better idea of possible places. But the more I look, the more confused I get - so maybe we should just go ahead and make an appointment NOW! I think I will do what others have recommended, tho - write down a short list of 'must-haves' for our meeting with travel agent. How did any of you decide on adults only resorts or family? I don't have children - some of my friends do - so I am not sure what to do. My first thought is to go to an adults only as I don't really want loads of screaming kids splashing in the pool - but I also don't want to exclude people with children. Thoughts??
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    Picking a Resort

    Hi, I am in the same dilemma - having a terribly stressful time trying to narrow decision of location down..... All the advice here is helpful. But how do you find out what the costs of rooms are going to be when there are different rates posted on different sites? And apparently there are sometimes special rates for groups? Ahhhhh! I wish there was a big spreadsheet comparing different resorts' amenities AND the actual costs of the rooms and wedding options. Anyone know of any tools like this? Or has anyone created their own and would be willing to share? Thanks! Jen
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    Newbie here....

    I hope this is the right way to make a post! I have been reading other's posts and have gotten so much great information already! My name is Jen and fiance's name is Sean... We got engaged on Christmas! We are planning on a DW for summer 2008 - most likely somewhere in the Caribbean or Mexico since we just moved to MPLS and all of our friends and family will have to fly anyway.... I am feeling pretty stressed, tho, about choosing the location. I feel like my head is going to explode b/c of all the internet research I have been doing! So far, I am most interested in Secrets and Dreams resorts or Paradisis. I think AI is the way we are going - but it is not definite. I see many other brides to be have a hard time choosing the destination, too - so I guess I am not alone! Jen :-)