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  1. The starfish candles were from a candle store called Illuminations that I absolutely loved!! But it closed! I am so incredibly sad about that! You may be able to find them online somewhere, but they originally came in a 3 pack with 1 blue (shown), 1 pale aqua, and 1 off white! And Cheri, the flowers are wrapped with floral tape, for boutiniers, but if you are crafty, you may me able to glue them to a hair clip!
  2. 10) 2 Scallop type shell bowls, I'm not sure what these are made of, they are some type of metal so may not be food safe?? I put ice and the LED ice cubes in them at the bar and they looked cool! They are large and heavy! $10 each or both for $15 11) Sandcastle Candle Holder, holds 1 votive candle, $6 12) Faux Mossy looking seaweed, used in our centerpieces, it is a pale green and bendable, $5 for all 13) (4) rolls of Aqua/Chocolate Brown Wire edged Ribbon, (total of 200 yards of ribbon, 2.5 inches wide) all for $10, new 14) 3 single boutiniers (sp??) one has the seaweed type accent. These are extras, but we had glued small starfish onto the seaweed part, which was cute! $1 each 15) 1 roll of 1/8"chocolate brown ribbon, new 10 yard roll, $1 16) 9 Iridescent glass Nautilus floating candle holders. These hold water and a floating candle, or can be filled with sand/shells, etc. $4 each or all for $30 17) 5 Iridescent Turbo Shell floating candle holders, similar to above, different shape! These are approx 6" tall, 8" long, $4 each or $18 for all 1 Bag of assorted shells, approximately 35 medium sized white iridescent shells, $5 I think that's all for now, I'm sure I have more to come! If interested, send me your zip code and what items and I will calculate shipping. Also, I will be more than happy to combine shipping!
  3. Hi ladies! Finally getting around to clearing out all of our wedding supplies! We had such a great time, and everything turned out great thanks to the many tips on BDW!! I hope someone can enjoy this stuff as much as I did!! 1) Sparkly Seaweed-- We used it as decoration on our cake & gift tables, I have 20 blue for $5 and 20 green for $5 2) 2 1/8" circle punch, perfect for a 2" circle sticker, etc with a small border 3) Martha Stewart Seaside Favor Boxes, I have 32 boxes, but only 30 printable labels. The print template is available for free on Martha Stewarts website. They are a pale aqua color with grey shells on the 3D pop out, really cute and got a ton of compliments! 4) 28 white Flameless candles, never used. These are the battery operated type, all you have to do is pull the tab and they light up, safe and windproof! $12 for all 5) 24 Aqua floating tealights $10, plus I have 2 medium sized floating candles in the same aqua, not pictured $2 for both. 6) Martha Stewart printable beverage labels, 1 pack of 12 labels. They are pale aqua with a pale grey shell trim, printable horizontally or vertically. 7) Starfish Cake Topper, used but honestly I cannot tell at all! $10 17 Blue Floating Starfish Candles, new $10 9) LED Ice Cubes, I have 4 Blue and 3 Green, drink safe, can be set to blink or stay on, .50 each or all for $3 MORE TO COME!!
  4. Ok, I did my BD shoot today! No issues whatsoever! YAY! I had a ton of fun, and cannot wait to get the proofs!! Thanks girls for the moral support, maybe my nerves made me speak too soon!!
  5. Ok, so I have my BD shoot scheduled for tomorrow... YAY! I am nervous but super excited! I have everything ready to go, and all of a sudden I start to feel a few cramps coming on... Yup, I think I will start my period tomorrow morning... WTF??!! Do I call the photog and reschedule? Has this happened to anyone else??!
  6. If the TTD dress is not taken, I'm interested!! Let me know! Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the advice ladies! It really helps to hear other brides, and people who don't know me, tell me that I'm on the right track with my thoughts on this! I don't want to be selfish, but I did feel like I wish she wouldn't have asked! I think I'm going to combine your advice and tell her that I don't have any part in the shower planning and that she has to talk to my MOH, who has no problem telling her not to bring them... Yay for MOH's who aren't afraid to speak up!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv You have every right to tell her its adults only. Showers usually are. Just tell her how sorry you are , but that it wasn't planned that way. Who is throwing your shower anyway - your BM's? Why don't you have the hostesses handle telling her 'no kids allowed'. That would keep you out ofit and off the hook. :-) My MOH, my sister planned the shower along with my mom. My sister was ready to call my friend and explain to her that it wasn't planned as an event with kids, but I don't want to hurt my friends feelings if my sister were to call and not me. It is a good idea, and I'm not sure why she called to ask me and not the hostesses anyway!! I think I'm always too afraid to hurt peoples feelings!
  9. Ok, our shower is this weekend, and one of my friends just called me and asked if it was okay if she brings her children, ages 2 months and 2 years, to the shower. There are no kids invited to the shower, except my nieces who are my flower girls. I am very low maintainence, I seriously try not to turn into a bridezilla, but I'm kind of upset about this. I know that her husband doesn't work on Sundays and could stay with the kids, and after being a BM in her wedding, I know that she would've killed anyone who dared to ask to bring their kids to her shower. I feel like I'm in an awkward situation, do I tell her that its an adult only shower, when I know she will take it as a personal attack on her children?? Help! I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I also don't want any other kids there besides my nieces! And please be honest, if I'm sounding like a selfish baby, I want to know!!
  10. We are making a CD slideshow of pics from our DW and adding in pics of family and friends, etc. We are planning to play it on a big screen during dinner, and the DJ is going to play some corresponding dinner music. I'm hoping this will be a way to share our pics with everyone, and stimulate conversation.
  11. Hi there! We are getting married on a Disney cruise in September! We are going on the three day cruise, and our wedding ceremony will be on Disneys private island, Castaway Cay, on the beach! I cannot wait! We originally planned on the Dominican Republic, but decided on the Disney cruise because we had some guests who did not want to fly, and other issues, & ended up deciding on the Disney cruise because it leaves from Florida, but we still get that beach wedding! If you have any questions, let me know, I'm more than happy to try to help! Good Luck!
  12. Oh wow those look great! I love that color scheme too!
  13. Ok, heres a pic of a few pairs, there really are alot of different styles, mostly black or brown, a few with color. The actual name brands will vary, but some that I have are Oakley, Foster Grant, Ray Ban, Michael Kors, Polo, Kenneth Cole, to name a few.
  14. Hi all, I have a ton of sunglasses that I am selling in mixed lots. They are not new with tags, but have all been checked for scratches, chips, chew marks (eww!), etc. They will also be mixed brands, colors, styles, etc, but the cool thing is you may get some designer sunglasses in the lot for super cheap!! Anyway, the cost is $20 for 12 pairs, plus shipping cost, and I will throw in kids sunglasses for free if you tell me how many pairs!
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