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  1. I just got married on the 19th of January. It was amazing , of course! But we did end up having our rehearsal dinner at Fajita Republic, I DO NOT recommend anyone even having dinner there. We had gone last year and it was fabulous, but since then it has changed locations and staff (not owner). They were so incredibly rude to say the least. Just so you girls know... Don't make the same mistake we did.
  2. Yeah I emailed Nicole today and was like is this possible? I did look at several sites to try and get an average. But lot's of them said rain. Oh my. There is only supposed to be two days on rain January!! Geez But I am hoping that they are wrong, it's all I have to go on. I have been going to PV for 4 or 5 years now and there has only been 1 day of rain. And now the second day is going to be my wedding day!? Pazoop, here is hoping. Most of the forecasts I saw for Tuesday were good!!
  3. i leave in 2 days... and i just checked the weather forecast... fri - cloudy, sat - cloudy, sun - cloudy, mon (our wedding) - rain, tues - cloudy...... is that even possible? MY GAWD!
  4. I hadn't planned on taking any extra suitcases... I have table cards and a guest book!! That's it! I leave in 8 days.... We are so excited! I can't believe it's my turn.
  5. 15 days til we leave. I am so excited. And as far as individual desserts, we were doing creme brulee, chocolate mousse and arroz con leche. (plus fruit and brownies for those who are not interested in those) $5 per person... Which to me is a great price! Oh and a tequila cake. ha!
  6. hey guys, I know we talked a lot about rehearsal dinners. I want to have mine at Fajita Republic. I know a lot people wanted to or tried to have it there, but was anyone successful?
  7. When I get a price on individual desserts I will let you guys know for sure....
  8. Ann - We arrive on Friday night, get married on Monday. Then my family leaves the following Friay (who will be taking my dress with them). Then we leave a week after that. So there will be about three days of drying time!!
  9. Did all or any of you trash your wedding dress the night of or the next day? (By trash I guess I mean get wet). I want to, but am thinking about bringing it home all wet? Hmmm.... Was it a total hassle. I will be sending it with my mother if I do do it.
  10. Pazoop - My guests and I are all arriving on the 16th.. with Nolitours. We looked at sunwing but chose the Nolitour package cause the flight left early in the morning so we could hang out on friday on the beach. And of course they called my this weekend and said that they cancelled that flight and everyone will be leaving on a different flight 13 hours later. I was mad, but I can't do anything. All they could say was "all flights are subject to change". I am just glad the wedding is not on the 17th, then I would be really mad. So I wish that I had gone with sunwing now. Cause we are now arriving in PV at 1230 am... It'll be hard for the young kids. But whatever. We are staying for two weeks, so my guests will be flying home without us and as for the second week.... it's a surprise. So I have no idea.. I was told a different hotel and I was told to pack light. Which just means I will be sending an extra suitcase home after the first week with my mom.
  11. JaimeLynne - Hopefully the tequila cake works out I will take pics for sure. And the creme brulee and mousse is not included in the price, Nicole is working on a price to have them done for me. But because we are not having a cake which is included she said she would take some money off the price of the individual desserts. I'll let you know.
  12. Brittany - we are not much into cake either but don't get me wrong I love dessert. So we are having individual desserts for everyone. They can choose either chocolate mousse or creme brulee. So delicious.... They are my favourites. It's all individual I guess, whether it's cake or tequila!! It's all yummy.
  13. Julia - It is actually pretty funny that we are so close together... I will try not to make Nicole to exhausted, so she has some energy left for you! Ha. We are staying at the Tropicana hotel. We have stayed there many times before and love it! Where are you guys staying? When do you fly down?
  14. I am getting married on the 19th of January and for a cake we are doing a round pyramid of tequila shots all lit on fire. With peoples names engraved on them!! Probably not much help... But it's very us!
  15. Oh and Holley can you put a link up to your review, or can someone..? For the life of me I can't figure out this website..