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  1. I know, I feel the same way. My wedding was beautful but time goes by soo fast. It was getting late after ceremony so photographer wante to hurry up and take pics of us away from gazebo so we didn't get any pics or video from cocktail. Some of my relatives have pics but I wish I was in them.
  2. Yes, I took my bouquet home. I put it in two bags and stuffed at bottom of my suitcase. I was really determined:)
  3. No, I did not get flowers but that's okay. I actually had my flowers sent to my room because I couldn't even think about them trashing after the wedding. The housekeeper was so sweet. While we were gone she placed all the flowers around our room...it was beautiful. Was you able to take the top of your cake home?
  4. OMG! Your pics are great! I went with Cecilia also and didn't get my pics back yet...i am so anxious after seeing your pictures. She is really great to work with. Now I wish I had done the ttd
  5. Hi Everyone! Sorry for late response, I am still in vacation mood LOL! I can't wait to give my review. It was the best time of my life. I had soo much fun. I want to do it again every month (of course someone else would have to pay for it). I met Lisa (mummergirl) there and it was so good to talk to someone else that was going thru the same as me. I received my video on Tuesday and it was awesome, we cried the whole time. I can't wait to get pics back from photographer. Lisa your pic looks great! You looked so beautiful, I can't wait to see more pictures
  6. So, I leave on Sunday and haven't heard from Claudia in over a month! Is she suppose to send final contract before wedding? I made some changes and really not sure how much I owe. I have sent her couple of e-mails and did not get response. I want to make sure I have enough money. I am all over the place right now. What type of payment method will they take?
  7. OK, I am really going to get on your nerves..LOL Where did you get flowers for chairs from? They are really nice. I also love the flower monogram. I guess you are not geting any sleep like me:) I have soo much to do
  8. How are you geting all of this stuff to Jamaica? I have so much stuff and need to buy a suitcase for it
  9. Everything looks really great! I can't wait to see more pictures! I am so excited for you. I will be leaving on the 24th and I can't beleive it! My dress is similar and actually I was looking for a different pair of shoes. Did you purchase your shoes recently? I really like them
  10. NOOOO! I hope this doesn't get out! I am starting to get positive feedback about everyone attending. Quote: Originally Posted by MarieSam OH HELL!!!!! Another U.S. death for swine flu, it's in Texas -- a woman in her 30s. Maybe the overpanicked hellstorm isn't over yet Texas confirms first flu death of US resident
  11. It feels so good to hear that others are not calling off their wedding. I am going to make my final decision tomorrow, but leaning towards keeping things the same. It's been such a headache trying to look for another location without guest paying more money. I am also fed up with calls and e-mails. I just stopped answering my phone. I really can't stress over this anymore. I am ready to party in Cancun!! Quote: Originally Posted by yamille We are moving forward with our departure on May 15th after we got the ok from FI's employer. But nobody else from his firm can go! How shitty is that? There go 8 of our guests right there. He has to see a doc when he gets back and work 1 week from their site in NJ were nobody works. Oy! This whole thing is so annoying. I am beginning to get anoyed by my guests and am wondering if anyone will actually show up. We are basically forcing our parents to go. (Just kidding- sort of) If I get another email I don't know how sensitive I can be. I mean people are being nice and all "we DON'T want to stress you out but..." Then stop emailing me! I am feeling agitated right now but I am happy that we are going because even though I am not feeling happy right now I cannot postpone this any longer. I can't focus and we have already been engaged 15 months. We are done. kwim? Plus I want to get all this wedding swag out of my too small apartment.
  12. Do you have any pictures from Dreams? I am in the same situation but my wedding is 5/30 so I really have to work on Plan B now. This is just so stressful I don't know what to do with myself. Quote: Originally Posted by Sapphire723 What about the Dominican Republic? We stayed at the Sunscape Casa Del Mar (which is now the Dreams La Romana) and it was beautiful. I think one of the biggest concerns is going to an AI that is going to charge you per guest while you're there, because that can add up. I think Dreams allows 20 guests and it's like $60 pp extra over that. Gran Bahia Principe in Akumal allowed you to book all of your guests at an a la carte for no additional cost, so I'm thinking that the GBP in Dominican Republic might be the same. If the La Romana airport is too small for you and your guests, you can always go to Punta Cana instead.
  13. I feel the same way you feel. My wedding is 5/30 and I was going to wait it out but that really is not going to assure that people are going to feel comfortable to travel so soon. I am in the process of Plan B but don't know where to start because I don't like the wedding site at Dreams Punta Cana. I just want to have a good time and planned excursions in which I don't want to be confined to a hotel on my vacation. This is a really hard decision with not a lot of time, I could not sleep last night. I am so glad to have you guys to talk to because you are the only ones that truly understand. I am just so stressed. I am going to schedule an appt for massage today. I really need to relax Quote: Originally Posted by SIMBASIM Please remember the severity of a situation is controlled by the media. I have friends with immediate family in Mexico and it is so much worse than what you have seen. I am 6 weeks out from my wedding but it takes several months for a medicine to be tested and then set forth into motion to cure or even control a contagious disease. Who knows where this will have spread in this window of time as far as mexico is concerned. I only hope that you are all being realistic and REALLY looking into an Plan B. I, personally, after thinking long and hard while crying my eyes out about this and getting my other options as far as hotels are likely setting plan B into motion tomorrow. I would never have a good time in Mexico knowing what I do now. It is too stressful to worry about it. I really wish you all the best and hope and pray that for your sake I am wrong and all of your weddings will be wonderful. Good luck to you all. XOXO
  14. My wedding is May 30th and I am not going to worry myself. The only thing that is driving me crazy is the negativity that are coming from relatives, stating that they might cancel. I am very hopeful that this will change, I have been praying about this and do not have a plan B. I spent too much time on this wedding to give up! I will work on plan B if nothing changes a week before the wedding. I am hoping that we can reschedule but what a mess if so, everyone has already scheduled their vacation time at work. Stay positive ladies:)
  15. thanks, I have been checking ebay haven't found the right kind yet. I also caught gilt groupe sale but didn't have my size. I will check craigslist thanks for your help
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