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  1. I'd also be interested in the weight of the paper used for the boarding pass STDs. Card stock is pretty thick, right?
  2. Melissa - What kind of paper did you print the boarding passes on? Was it just a thicker regular paper? They are really creative - I second everything that has already been said! Thx.
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    Congrats! April is sooner than you think!
  4. Thank you! The only complaint I have heard is that the beach reception area is not extremely private (right next to resort beach chairs and umbrellas). Did you find this was a problem? The resort itself looks gorgeous! I appreciate the help
  5. Hello! Thank you for the update on Excellence! I am considering it for my wedding, as well. If you can provide any other details, please do! How many guests did you have? How was the resort? Food? Beach? Was the "area next to the lobby" what they refer to as the "Foyer"? (I can't attach the picture here b/c it is too big, but looks like an open air area/balcony attached to a building. I think it looks nice! What were your thoughts? Thank again.
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    Hello - Amelia Wedding Date: 10/25/2008 Location: Riviera Maya area? I'm looking at Excellence, Secrets, and EDR - Any suggestions, let me know!
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