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  1. To you Canadian brides, you can't start the process with the handwritten one we were sent home with? That was going to be my intent, have any of you tried it?
  2. dont worry about feeling stupid, i had to ask my TA the same question. What she instructed me to do is look in the yellow pages or canada411.com for Notary Public. Like it was already stated; most lawyers do it but not all so if you plan to use your lawyer you may want to double check. We ended up getting a lawyer/cousin to do it and she did it for free. My TA also looked after the courier to get it down to the ROR so that was one thing that was actual at no cost to us!
  3. Thank you very much Mo and Heidi, that helps me out alot, and kicks me into gear to create mine!
  4. Although not one of us, myself included, want it to rain on our wedding days it is considered a good omen for the marriage
  5. LOL! I just went in and paid the balance of our trip today too! I was so excited I wanted to post a new thread but I didn't want the mods to get upset with me, so now they can get upset with you hahahah
  6. I don't plan on renting out the Plantation, we don't have a large enough group to really warrant that so we're most likely going to go with Mamee Bay.
  7. Riu Ocho Rios Brides January 2008 Brides Cherie: wedding January 17th, there January 12th-26th Becky: wedding January 23; there 1/19 - 1/26 Becky (bex1975): wedding Jan 26; there 1/23-2/1 Ktownbride - wedding Jan 31; there 1/27 - 2/10 February 2008 Brides Natasha (pouchie) wedding Feb 7th JamaicaBride08: wedding Feb 8th, there 2/3-2/10 Janelle (Jmhein): wedding February 12, there 2/9 - 2/16, then off to Sandals Royal Caribbean until 2/23 Therese (chicago88 ): wedding Feb 15th, there 2/12 - 2/20 Mopher: wedding Feb 20th Flowerchic2323: wedding Feb 26 March 2008 Brides Anna: Wedding on 14th March, there from 6th March - 21st March Octavia: March 15, dates there 3/12-3/19 Becky(Olivia): Wedding March 21, there 3/17 - 3/27 Kimmykatbride: March 26, 2008-there from 22-29, then in Negril for 1 week April 2008 Brides Heidi: wedding on April 4; there from 4/1-4/8 Ange: wedding on April 8; there from 4/5 -4/12 Jen (J&M): wedding on April 9 Marlon(Ilandking): wedding on April 10' there from 4/7-4/14 Jocelyn: wedding on April 10; there from 4/5-4/12 yboone98: wedding on April 11; there 4/9-1/13 Mandie (pook2b) wedding on April 11; there from 4/8 - 4/22 Twelve Piece: wedding on April 12; there from 4/9-4/19 Amanda: wedding on April 17; there from 4/12-4/19 May 2008 Brides Alexandra (geology_rocks): wedding day May 5, there May 2-9 md_ocr: wedding on May 10 Albrosious: wedding day on May 12th leslie: wedding day on May 14th; there May 10th-24th Lizz: wedding on May 16; there from May 10-19 AlmostMrsForbes: wedding on May 19th; there from May 14th-20th (then off to Couples)! Jenn08: wedding on May 23, there from 19-26 Davina: wedding on May 29; there from May 26-June 1 June 2008 Brides Sara (cantwattobemrs): wedding June 10, there June 6-14 FutureMrsButler08: wedding on June 14 JuneBride2B: wedding on June 14 Bobbi-Francis: wedding June 28; there 6/25-7/3 July 2008 Brides Juanslake: Wedding on July 3; there 6/30 - 7/6 Brittney: Wedding on July 12; there from July 9-14 MrsInTraining: wedding on July 19; there from July 16-23 RiuBride2B: wedding on July 26; there from July 23-28 August 2008 Melissa (Shenmaat): wedding Aug 8th, there Aug 4th - 10th October 2008 Brides Msklee: wedding Oct 25, there Oct 23-27 November 2008 Brides Dara: wedding on November 1st: there from October 27 to November 3 GeminiLibra: wedding on November 15
  8. My dad and my sister both have really nice cameras and to be totally honest I was not impressed with the sample pics I received from Michael. I'm going with the free wedding package and I am not booking Michael for anything, nor am I paying him for anything either. From what I've read around the forum he can be pretty pushy but legally he doesn't have a leg to stand on, he can't force you to book him if you don't want him and he definetly can't make you pay for services that you don't request or want.
  9. Congratulations!! Would love to hear all about it and see as many pics as possible! I have a couple questions 1. How was Chandlyn? Was she very responsive to your needs and questions? 2. What wedding package did you go with and did you end up getting a lot of extras? 3. Did you use the resort photographer? If not did he cause any issues? 4. Did you get a free room upgrade? Thanks in advance! I'm really glad to read you had a good time! Just makes me more excited for april!
  10. Great thanks everyone. It seems my lawyer was thinking of another country, I've done a bunch of researching and my FH called Vitatl Stats as well and they said that notarized copies of the birth certificates and passports are all we require.
  11. I was wondering what are the required documents for the ceremony, I've received a different list from the wedding sales coordinator and my TA, both of which had only two documents that pertained to us: certified copies of our passports and birth certificates. But today when we were at our lawyer's getting them notarized she mentioned she had to do an affidavit for another couple stating their addresses and work info and that kinda stuff. Neither my TA or the wedding sales coordinator made mention of this document, any of you know what that is? I'm still worried about getting down there and the people refusing to marry us!
  12. Thats my plan, I didn't feel the difference in price between the free package and the upgraded one was worth it. I'm going to pay extra for the things that are most important to me and it doesnt work out to be as much as the upgrade. Looks like we'll be there at the same time My date is the 8th.
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