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  1. My cousins stayed at the Waipouli Beach Resort for my wedding. They got an awesome deal on airfare and condo stay using Travelocity. Here's the resort's website. It is brand new with high end finishes! Also, it is conveniently located on the island if it is your first time. Waipouli Beach Resort
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Kauai has everything you need! It's the best guide book series for all of the islands. I've used it for 3 of the islands and have had some amazing experiences. Just check out the "gems" listed in the guide.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by SgtPepperette So we know that we want to get married on Kauai, but to be honest Im so overwhelmed by the information. Any tips on how to get started? We just returned from our wedding trip. We used Hanalei Colony Resort for all wedding arrangements (excluding lodging and reception). We were married on Kepuhi beach, on the north shore. Very private, no beach goers wandering around. It was beautiful and very easy. Nancy is the wc and she only books 1 wedding a day. HCR coordinated the cake, flowers, photographer, musician, etc. The WC will send you a list of the vendors included on the package (yes, you have choices) and also others that are an upcharge. We had dinner at the Cafe Hanalei in the Princeville Hotel. They were awesome and coordinated a fixed price menu at no additional cost.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv Once you have your design, you just buy iron-on transfer paper (I prefered HP). Staples, Michael's, WalMart ... anywhere that specialty paper is sold). Print your design on the transfer paper and iron-on as needed. Thanks for the advice. I got my totes the other day and was wondering about which transfer paper to use. You're totes look great. I like the the clean look of your logo on the white bag.
  5. Very cute. Much cuter than the flip flops I got. I picked up the "just married" flip flops from OT. I wanted the imprint they have on the bottom for beach photos.
  6. My soon to be sister-in-law didn't change her name. After she had kids and they started school, she found it hard since the kids names were different and everyone referred to her has Mrs. (kids name). Applications for various things were started with the wrong legal last name, etc. If you aren't planning on kids then keeping your name doesn't present this problem. Keep a close eye on your credit report. My FI and I have been together almost 10 years and own various things jointly. When I purchased my car, we listed my name first and him as the co-owner. The bank we have the loan with never sends credit solitations to me, but always sends them to my FI with my last name. That name combo happens to be my brother's and therefore could potentially create problems (if my brother wanted to apply for credit). I'm white (blonde) and my FI is Taiwanese. Originally I wasn't going to change my name. I thought in business it would create a difficult introduction, but now I'm getting used to the idea.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by tlomlad thing is im not that close with the 2girls that our currently on my bridal party... one night we were all out having cocktails and i was crying cause my family wasnt going to go to Cancun and they somewhat offered and i accepted them as bridesmaids... its complicated Here's my 2 cents: Since the girls in a sense "came to your rescue", even though your aren't close, I wouldn't exclude them from your bridal party. It means a lot to me that they volunteered. I would tell them that your sisters are now able to attend the wedding and that they will be your MOH, BM, etc. I would allow the friends to opt out of their obligations by saying that you are very thankfull that they stepped up to your rescue and would fully understand if they wanted to take the guest route at your wedding instead of being a part of the bridal party. Let it be their choice to back out. If you aren't close them, they are either very excited to be a part of your bridal party, or they are now thinking "oh my god why did I tell her I would be her BM?" Again..just my opinion.
  8. Thanks for all of the warm welcomes.
  9. Page 6 of this thread and still no pics!! Where are the pics?!?
  10. can you post some pictures of the resort? I'll be sure to post some up after we return. The resorts website is Hanalei Colony Resort and Spa on the North Shore of Kauai
  11. Welcome! I'm new too but my wedding is in May 2008 in Hanalei Kauai. This site has everything. Just remember to use the "search" feature to dig up the answers to timeless questions.
  12. Hello - My Fiance and I are getting married at the Hanalei Colony Resort on the island of Kauai in early May '08. In the little bit of time I have spent cruising the site, I see that I can find all of the answers to the questions I have. Everyone has spent a great deal of time shopping and sharing. Thanks soo much!
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