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  1. Hi Ladies, I'm also leaving next week for my 8/8/08 wedding at SDR and am starting to feel nervous and anxious. I paid for the 30 minute reception (we are having a reception back at home when we return so i didnt want to spend more than that) and video......then i'm planning on taking the group (10 other people) to one of the restaurants on the resort. I'm thinking of staying away from a beach ceremony and leaning towards the wedding at one of the Gazebos. Has anyone done the going to one of the restaurants after the ceremony and order the web streams? Any other advice?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by OMC I'm also having a reception in Ft. Lauderdale when we return. Even though this is our vow renewal, it seems like I'm recreating our wedding day. I must admit that it's fun to get to do some of the things I didn't do the first time around. I'm so excited to meet someone who'll be at the resort at the same time as the two of us. We'll definitely have to meet up. What are you doing for favors? My aunt suggested that I bring something back from the islands but that's taking a risk since I don't know what I'll find. Hey that does sound like fun; and that is great that you get to do what you didnt do the first time around. Yeah im really excited and can't wait for this much needed getaway! That would be great to meet someone else who will be there at the same time as us but i've noticed that there aren't many SDR brides on here, most brides go to the Riu. Yeah we definately have to kit so that we meet up since i get there the day after you. Favors....to be honest im really stuck because i originally wanted to bring back something from jamaica too, but i don't want to come back to NY and have to stress about favors since my reception is 2 days later. I might just settle and order favors before i go to Jamaica
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by OMC I'm feeling a little nervous plus I still have so much to do. We're leaving in exactly 4 weeks from today. I have decided to bring my own gazebo decorations. I "borrowed" the idea from Agape Gems. The wedding coordinator seems to be OK with it. I just need to pay a set-up fee. Hopefully the fee won't be too outrageous. Anyone decided on whether to take the free bouquet or to upgrade? I'm not too impressed with the pictures of the free bouquets but the upgrades are pretty pricey. I am planning to take my own silk flower bouquets that i had made for me; those prices for the upgrades are ridiculous and i really did not like the free ones. I'm also debating on doing the Sand Ceremony. I beleive you when you say there is sooooooooooo much to do. I took on the ridiculous challange of doing a NYC reception when i return from Ocho Rios.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by OMC Cindy, I'll be there on 8/5 with the vow renewal on 8/7. Perhaps we can meet up while we're there. That would be cool, i know my flight arrives at the airport at like 3PM, so i will be there the evening of 8/6/08! I am coming with 2 other people, and 6 others will join us the following day.
  5. Well i am a Dunns River bride! Im getting married there 8/8/08, i arrive on 8/6/08.....cant say i have much advice because i've never been but am looking foward to it. I've seen pictures of the hotel and of weddings there and it looks beautiful, so i hope i won't be dissapointed. Hello and welcome Cindy

    I'm sorry......but I'm DISGUSTED....

    Quote: Originally Posted by md_ocr with our invited guests. they don't rsvp, they refuse to contact our TA, they totally disregard deadlines, but constantly bombard us with phone calls to get general information WHICH HAS ALREADY been mailed out to the with the invitations AND POSTED ON OUR WEBSITE. I've had over 10 people tell me that they "lost their invitation" and need the dates for our wedding again. 4 have actually asked me to mail them another set of invites. wtf Forget checking the "Save the date" cards, or invites, or our website for information. I'm sorry gals. I just needed to vent for a minute. Some people were saying that they didnt even know that they had to get passports. It was in their invite package and ON OUR WEBSITE!!!! Did they even read anything! They are also asking what we want as gifts......I GAVE THEM THE DARN REGISTRY INFO. oh and this one irks the crap out of me: "Oh, I don't need to rsvp........you know i will be there" I paid almost $200 dollars on POSTAGE ALONE to send self-addressed, self-stamped rsvp's and what do i get in return......nada. Do i have to write their name and place the checkmark on the rsvp and mail it back to myself FOR THEM!!! OMG!!! Girl i can definately sympathize because i have people driving me crazy about how the prices went up and they cant find a room.......clearly noted on our website that it is jamaica's independance day on our wedding week! I don't think people realize how stressing it is to receive questions and phone calls about something you have already communicated. My advice is...try to focus on the fact that it is your day and no one is going to ruin it with stupidity.....its what keeps me from cursing some people out!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Rhonda Just wondering if anyone has anyone heard of/used "destinationweddings.com" It is a company that does travel/hotel packages for you and your guests. Is anyone here familiar with this company? If so, please share any information/thoughts.... Thanks!!! I am currently using them for my wedding....i have been dealing with them since June 07 and i haven't had a problem yet. My guests are also using them.

    SANDALS Bride??

    I'm a Sandals Dunns River Villago bride and even though i haven't been there, i did lots of research. As far as the pictures i'm planning to get the a la carte pics and handing out disposable cameras(those cute wedding ones that have the couples name and wedding date) to my guests, so that they can take lots of pictures!
  9. I have the same dilemma...i'm walking myself down the aisle because i don't have a good relationship with my dad and my brother who's two years older than me, is not attending my wedding.
  10. SDRBRIDE08

    Sdr Newbie

    You know what i just noticed....not only are we date twins, but my fiance's name is also Kirk.
  11. SDRBRIDE08

    getting married o8/08/08

    Congrats im also a 8/8/08 bride....getting married in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I'm sure you'll find lots of advice here.
  12. SDRBRIDE08

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    thanks for the advice...and yes i see we have the same wedding date. Funny thing is that i originally wanted to get married in Punta Cana and opted out last minute!
  13. SDRBRIDE08

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    thanks everyone for welcoming me......i'm actually trying to find venues where i can hold a reception for about 25 people in Ocho Rios. Me and my finace have opted not to hold our reception at the hotel, so if anyone has any suggestions on where we could hold a dinner reception with music, open bar, etc.
  14. SDRBRIDE08

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    My name is Cindy and i'm getting married at Sandals Dunns River on 8/8/08!