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  1. So I just wrote a big long message about sol y luna and my internet just shut down, so I am going to write a short one this time! We just came back from MR 2 weeks ago. We were 46 people in total. We stayed at the Paradisus, and then we rented Sol Y Luna for the day/night of the wedding. I can't say enough good things about the villa. It was absolutely perfect, and stress free. We bought all the food/alcohol from costco the night before and dropped it off to cut down the costs. The villa organized for a chef and 2 staff ($300 total for the staff) who took care of everything. The villa was beautiful, the food was great, the staff required very little direction, the beach was great, pool was great and a fair size, just perfection. Just message me if you have any questions! I have tons of pics but I can't seem to attach them!
  2. hi everyone! I am new to this website. I found it when my fiance and I first decided to have a destination wedding, and now I'm back! We booked the Paradisus a few weeks ago, and we are officially getting married in the MR the week of feb 2-feb 9 2009! We had to change our date last minute, so unfortunately for us, we won't be having an onsite wedding because the date we wanted was already taken. So, if anyone has any suggestions for wedding sites in the area, we are all ears!!! either something on a private beach, or maybe by the ruins, or on a cliff overlooking the ocean. We are pretty open to any outdoor venue. Congratulations to all of you!!! I hope to see some of you there in Feb!
  3. Hi! I am looking to do the same thing as you, rent a private villa. I am just starting my research, so I will keep you posted if I find anything. I was wondering what villa you rented. I have been looking for a place, but I can't seem to find anyone who will rent the villa for just the day/evening, because we are already staying at the Paradisus. any help would be amazing! thanks!
  4. no location yet...we're leaning towards Jamaica, but still looking
  5. Hi all, I have been looking for a location for our wedding, and would rather have a full Jewish ceremony with a rabbi on the beach rather than getting married in Toronto before we leave. We were leaning towards either Jamaica or st lucia but I don't think either have a single rabbi! Has anyone been in contact with any rabbis on any island other than Cuba, Dominican Republic or Mexico (we don't want to marry there because we have friends who have already had weddings in those places) thanks so much for your help!!!
  6. Hi everyone! just saying hello to my fellow brides to be! How exciting!!! congrats to all!
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