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  1. That dress is really gorgeous!
  2. Claudia is my coordinator as well. It took 5 days for her to get back with me to confirm she had received my signed contract and deposit. I am getting married in August. She usually gets back to me within 24 hours, so she must be really busy.
  3. Susan&Steve

    Hello, from a future Cabo bride!

    Welcome to the forum, you will find tons of great information here! Susan
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Princess402 I am SO relieved to hear this bc that's exactly what I was hoping to do: use Claudia Rodriguez for photography and then "trade in" the pics included with my package for a longer video. Susan, did you get details on how long/how much coverage you will get with your "new" video package? The one that you are getting because you are not getting the pictures I mean. Also, does anyone know who Dreams uses for videography? THANKS!! No, I did not get any detail on how much longer coverage I am getting. She is very vague sometimes. I believe Miguel Canterell is the videographer. I went to his site, and he does very good work.
  5. I love the set and I think it will go great with that beautiful dress.
  6. Thanks for posting the warning. I will advise my guests to take the bus or a cab. When I was there in January there were "speed traps" and police everywhere, but I didn't see anyone being pulled over.
  7. Susan&Steve

    Dreams Cancun - wedding review

    Great review. I can't wait to see the pictures.
  8. Hi Ladies, Yesterday Claudia confirmed for me that Claudia Rodriguez was an approved vendor for Dreams, and that I could just get a longer video instead of the picture package. I was concerned because I just got my contract on Thursday, and the photography and video portion said "ceremony only". I am very happy that I can use Citalli from Claudia Rodriguez' company. I agree that the photo packages are expensive, but they are still less than what I would pay here in Florida.
  9. Hi Ladies, I contacted Claudia Rodriguez about being my photographer for my August 14, 2008 wedding. I told her I heard that Dreams Cancun is no longer allowing outside vendors, and I asked her if she was an approved vendor. Here is her response: "YES we're ALLOW to work at the Dreams in Cancun, I've heard that they have had issues with other photographers and this is why they are closing their doors to them....." I will follow up with Dreams and see what they say. Thanks for all of the great information. Susan
  10. Hi everyone! Getting married August 14, 2008 at Dreams Cancun. Time is flying and I really haven't gotten started. Thanks for all the information posted here!
  11. Susan&Steve

    Future Dreams Cancum Bride!!!

    Welcome. You will find lots of great ideas here. I am getting married there August 14, 2008.
  12. Susan&Steve

    And yet ANOTHER newbie

    Welcome Newbie!!
  13. Susan&Steve

    Hi, I'm a newbie

    Thank you. This site has a lot of information available. It is very helpful.
  14. Susan&Steve

    Hi, I'm a newbie

    My name is Susan and I am from Naples, Florida. I am getting married July 25, 2008 in Cancun. I would appreciate anyone's input who has recently gotten married in Cancun at an all inclusive. Thanks and look forward to being a member and reading the posts. I need all the help I can get, LOL.