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  1. WOW! That was a wonderful detailed review! Thank you so much. Its great to hear from another CSA bride! I cant wait to write my own in November.
  2. Hey! I will be getting married 11/22 at CSA! My fiance and I went to Couples Negril Dec. last year. It was beautiful and everything was great. So we decided to choose CSA because it is bigger in size. I just mailed off our notarized documents. Now Im just trying to figure out if we are going to go with the resort photographer or and outside vendor. What are you going to do? Are you on the Couples Message Board?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by wayneswifey Thanks for the review. Are kids allowed at the weddings at Couples? Kids can stay for the wedding ceremony and photos. But they must leave after that. HTH
  4. Im very happy for you! Im a Couples Swept Away Bride. But I have been to Couples Negril. I loved it there. Make sure you check out the message board!
  5. Yeah that fabric looks like it will show some bumps or lumps.LOL. Its beautiful though, and thats what SPANX are for!
  6. I have no idea who TA Jennifer is... I want a TA to help me book the actual airfare and rooms.
  7. Hey Ladies! My FI and I just (last night) set a date! December 27th 2008!! We want to have our DW in Ocho Rios Jamaica..Thats all we know! LOL. I am from the Rockville Maryland area. I dont have a Travel agent or anything. Im so behind. My question is, Can any of you ladies from my area refer me to a reliable Travel agent that you are working with? I need someone that I can sit down with and get this thing going. I am kind of on my own because my FI is in the military. He wont be back until August. I really need some help. Thanks soooo much!

    Did you bring your kids??

    Thanks so much for your advice nenamono. Im taking in all the help and advice i can. I will be sure to let you all no how it goes.

    Did you bring your kids??

    FI's parents have not spent a lot of time with my daughter. I wouldnt feel comfortable with asking them because of that reason. I really dont know what to do ladies! I have thought of many options. My concern is that I need to decide on a couples only or kids welcomed resort as well. I dont want to spend my honeymoon on a resort with kids if she is going to leave the next day. We dont have the knind of budget where we can split the hotels. Im so lost. But thanks ladies for all of your help.

    Did you bring your kids??

    The only people who be there are,m my FI's parents my best friend and his.

    Did you bring your kids??

    Its not a custody issue. We have joint custody. I dont need his permission or anything like that. Its more of a I dont want to spend my honeymon with my daughter but I want her at the cermony. BUT I dont have anyone to stay with her and bring her back to Maryland after the wedding.
  12. Hello Ladies! I need some help. Well, I am a single parent. I have a 9 year old daughter. I am no longer with her father. We have a every other week schedule with our daughter. I have her one week he has the other. We DO NOT have a good relationship. I dont have a great relationship with my mother and her husband. So far the only people who will be there are FI's parents and each of our bestfriends. I really want my daughter to be there. I could bring her with us but I dont want her to be hanging out with us on our honeymoon! Did anyone have childcare issues? Or something similar? Any ideas would help me sooo much!! Thanks so much!

    Another newbie Bride to be..

    Thanks to everyone. I appreciate the welcomes!

    Another newbie Bride to be..

    Thank You. Well...As of right now i have NO CLUE! LOL. We want to do it in the caribbean. I want my daughter (9) to be there as well as my other younger family members (5-11) BUT I dont want to to spend my honeymoon at a family resort...So Im kind of stuck.But that's why I joined this forum. I need help.