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  1. I have now heard from Erica my WC. She has suggested that maybe if we have our dinner at the Botana Restaurant then we can have the sound system there, and also the Botana has a Bar open until 10.00 pm. It is so hard to decide without seeing the setup. We wanted to party maybe outside and do our first dance. Also i wanted to party way past 10pm. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.
  2. Hi Loeloe, Check out Aldo Tovars website index
  3. I will thank you, i'll be the tall one (5'10") with blonde medium length hair !! Maybe you can come and visit us at the Riu Jalisco, unfortunately we do not have this privilege to visit Riu Vallarta. Im soooooo excited now just sorting out the last few details....have just booked my beauty treatments hair/makeup/nails etc with the salon within the Riu Jalisco. Just really need to sort my reception party out....have emailed Erica the Wedding Coordinator a couple of times but haven't yet received a reply.
  4. Hi Helen, Thank you if your daughter is having the beach wedding i will come along, maybe it will help me make my mind up, not sure if im going to have the beach or gazebo wedding. I have had my heart set on the Gazebo but do not want to go all that way and lose the destination feel if you know what i mean. We are also travelling out from Manchester at 9.45am for the dreaded 14 hour flight!!
  5. Thank you all...Melissa the rental of the pool bar is now 150$ per hour and the stereo system is 40$ per hour. Which is way over what we wanted to pay.....maybe we could just rent the stereo system and let everyone join in !! As there is only 13 of us in total. PS I loved your Wedding Slideshow i was in tears it is beautiful.
  6. We arrive at the Riu Jalisco on the 2nd May til 16th May and marry on the 12th.
  7. Hi, Thank you for your replies, we leave in 4 weeks and i am getting really excited now. I wondered if you had any suggestions as to what to do afterwards. I am thinking of hiring the pool bar and stereo system for a private reception but it is well over our budget. Any suggestions please
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    Thank you everyone. You make me soooooooo welcome x
  9. Hi Anyone been or getting married at the Riu Jalisco?? I am getting married at the Riu Jalisco in May. Appreciate any info. Thank you x
  10. Hi Everyone Desperately Need Info On The Riu Jalisco My Wedding Is In May Thank You X