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  1. Thanks for your fast respone Jennifer, you gave us really good information and this should help us in making our decision a little easier. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey everybody, We could really use some advice because we cannot seem to pick between the two beautiful resorts. We love the Riu because the resort is amazing and the location is perfect right in the heart of playa del carmen but the wedding reception isn't private and you have to rent out the disco for $1170 to have dancing. Now we also really love Secrets Capri because it's a smaller more intimate atmosphere and it seems like a really romantic place to get married and they also have a great wedding package and we could have a private reception on the terrace and also our dancing which is perfect and that is what we want. Now the trouble is it seems like to us anyways that the Riu is a more beautiful and luxurious resort and that our guests would have a better time if we stayed there. On the other hand if we stayed at Secrets Capri then we would have the perfect wedding but the guests wouldn't have as good of a time. Now we haven't been to either resort which makes this decision so difficult and we can't afford a site visit so any information you could give us would be much appreciated. Thanks Everybody
  3. Wow, those are great pictures, it looks like you guys had a great wedding I'm really happy for you guys. We are considering Dreams Tulum for our wedding, how would you rate the whole experience and the resort? and how helpful was the wedding coordinator? Congratulations Again
  4. Yeah, we keep thinking that we have lots of time to plan because it's not until May 2009, but days are going by quick and people are gonna need time to start saving money. We just got a ballpark figure from our travel agent and she said $1500.00 per person which is pretty reasonable for a 5* + resort, but she is waiting for a quote back from sunquest. In the meantime we need to make up our STD'S so when we finally pick a date we can get them out to people asap.
  5. Thank you for all your advice, it is appreciated and I'm sure with all your help it will make our decision a lot easier.
  6. Hi, my name is Steve and my fiancee is Kristin and as of right now were planning on getting married at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya in April or May 2009. Nothing is written in stone as of yet because we are still trying to get information on the resort and their wedding packages but we have recently been a bit scared at the same time while reading some of the peoples messages about how the resort didn't seem to care to much and really didn't try to make the wedding a special day for the bride and groom which is really what we don't want to hear when were looking for a resort to get married at. Anyways, I'm sure we will be posting many questions and feel free to e-mail me with any information you think we would find useful.
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