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  1. What rates are the Sheraton quoting you? Our wedding is May 30th, and our quoted rate is $219 for standard rooms. BUT we do have an incredible travel agent helping us, which I think helped us out quite a bit... If they arent willing to help you with the price, maybe try having a travel agent contact them and negotiate a group rate... if you havent already signed a contract.
  2. What price for rooms is the Sheraton quoting you? Our wedding is at the Sheraton on May 30th... just wondering if they are giving you similar prices. They want $7 per person for cake from me! That sounds a little much... what price are they giving you for the bar?
  3. Jamie_09

    Edith's in Cabo San Lucas?

    Ediths is amazing!! Weve been with small groups and everything was great. They have THE best ceasar salad ever too... gotta try it!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by mpark46 Are you getting married on the beach? Where are you having your ceremony? How many guests?? I'm still waiting to hear back from the Sheraton to see if they have availability this November. It's like pulling teeth so far! Congrats on securing a date though! We are having our ceremony on the beach, and then the reception at Palapa fiesta. Were estimating we will have around 50-60 guests attend. Try getting ahold of Lucy- She was our first contact there, but now we are working with Miriam (she deals with groups that are booking through travel agents) Once you actually get ahold of someone, they are pretty quick to respond. Its just getting that initial contact that was a little dificult...
  5. Jamie_09

    The Office But Other Suggestions!

    My favorite place in Cabo is Edith's- Its more expensive, but alot nicer then the office (it is owned I believe by the same people) and the food is terrific. The atmosphere is great too. If you are looking for something not as expensive, Mi Casa is fun, but the food isnt nearly as good as Edith's. Good luck!
  6. Jamie_09

    So What do you do for a living?

    I work as a personal assistant to two real estate developers, and my FI works for an ambulance company as an emt and is currently in Paramedic school.
  7. Jamie_09

    Future MIL driving me NUTS!!!!!

    Ive tried everything I can think of to politely tell them no thanks, but it doesnt work. They havent offered to pay for anything, which I know they arent obligated to, but at the same time they are MORE then able to, and keep demanding things and havent offered a penny. We went to dinner with them tonight, and my future FIL brought up how their friends are feeling "left out" that we havent included them. Ummm... I dont even know "their friends" and weve only been engaged two months, how are they feeling left out? I just feel like no matter what I do, its not up to their standards, and unless they are in total control, they dont approve. Its an uphill battle!!! And they want to be included in every decision- no matter how small. I guess I should be happy at least they like me! They are just SO overwhelming its nuts.
  8. Jamie_09

    Photographer Ideas (on a budget)

    Im using Gilda Badillo. Our friends used her last summer and their pictures turned out great. Shes incredibly reasonable too- weve booked her for 7 hours and its $2100. Good luck!!
  9. HELP!!! When my FI and I started planning a wedding, we quickly realized if we had one close to home it would be HUGE (and with a huge price tag). When we decided on a DW, i thought it was a huge relief, and we explained to all three sets of parents that we wanted to keep it small- just friends and close family. Everyone agreed, initially. NOW a few months later, my FI step-mother is insisting on a huge reception here after we return from our honeymoon. Thats great, but the only reason they want it is for their "friends" (aka business associates, political allies, etc...) We politely said thanks but no thanks, and now instead they want to throw us a shower. Ok, right? You would think. I got an email "Announcing" her plans for a shower for us, naming a date, time, place, and guest list. NOT ONE PERSON on the guest list do we know!!!!!!I politely explained to the MIL that I do not feel comfortable having a shower with guests that arent invited to the wedding. She responded with fine, it wont be a shower, their throwing us a "party" for their friends to congratulate us. IM SO FRUSTRATED. This has become all about them, not us, and they dont take no for an answer!! What do I do I wanted a DW to avoid all this, and instead, its blowing up in my face!!!!!!!! Help!
  10. Im so excited!!! After months of searching, reviewing contracts, options, etc. My fiance and I finally decided on and signed the contract with Hacienda Del Mar. YAY!! I can finally officially say we are getting married 5-30-09 in Cabo. Now i need help deciding on dress colors... I want to do Orange and Pink flowers, but dont know what colors to put my three bridesmaids in!!! Any suggestions?
  11. Jamie_09

    Question For Sheraton Brides

    Were planning our wedding at the Sheraton in may of 09- I asked how many other weddings they do in a day, and Lucy told me maybe two, but never near each other. Is this true? Were having our wedding on Tortuga beach and the reception in the Palapa fiesta. It takes Lucy at least a few days if not more to reply via email, so answers have been few and far between...
  12. Hello Everyone! My name is Jamie, and my fiance Justin and I are planning our wedding in Cabo, May 30th of 2009. We are planning on the Sheraton, but havent signed the contract yet (they have been super slow to respond to ANYTHING!!) Any news and advice is appreciated! Thanks!