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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mopher We flew skyservice and they were great. They hung the dress and tux in the cockpit for us. it is so humid in Jamaica that I am sure it won't be hard for the wrinkles to come out if you end up with any. What??!!?? How did you manage to get that service? We're flying Sky Service this Saturday and I've called the airline twice about my gown and both times they've told me there is nothing that they can do as far as hanging it somewhere safe for me. They said I'll have to put the dress and suit in the overhead and ask other passengers not to put their bags in the same compartment! Any advice so I can get this service as well?
  2. Hey there! I'm having a small group too - 10 guests, and I'm pretty excited about our day. What we're having is our ceremony on the beach, and then dinner, toasting, and cake on the beach with our guests. It's going to be small, intimate, and awesome!! For such a small group, I saw no reason to hire a band, dj, or have any sort of dance, but the resort is providing a cd player and we're bringing a bunch of music from home. After the ceremony we have 4 hours of bar service on the beach, and once we're done eating and drinking there, we're going to stroll the malecon (Puerto Vallarta) and see what kind of fun we can find!! I do actually have a big fancy gown, but I don't care - I'm not changing!! It's going to be a great time! Good luck!
  3. I have to ask how other brides have handled the issue of taking their gown on the plane. I was under the impression from my travel agent that the plane had somewhere up front where they could hang it, and all I needed to do was call the airline ahead of time to let them know. So today I called the airline and they said that they don't have anywhere to hang it, and that all I can do is put it in the overhead compartment! Are you kidding me?? I have a big beautiful gown laying up there, and then joe blows come along and smoosh it with thier baggage?? Is there any better way How did you brides handle your gown on the plane ride?
  4. Hey girls! Isn't worrying about weight just the worst thing in the world?? It's so hard to keep that figure and I could feel for you as I read the posts! I think the secret to keeping slim is realizing that being healthy is a lifestyle, not fad diets and exercise spurts. What works for me is eating healthy all week long (fish, chicken, tuna, veggies, rice, fruits, salads) and then having a cheat day on Saturday!!! Let's face it, if we tried to eat right every day, we're setting ourselves up for failure. One day a week is not going to pack pounds on and we need that indulgance! I know you're going to hate this next one, but exercise, exercise, exercise!! I started pounding the treadmill and lifting weights Jan 4th and I can't believe the difference it's made already! Motivation is probably our biggest obstacle - I hear yeah there!!! But what the 'experts' say really is true; if you can go a month, it gets so easy after that. For the first month I motivated myself by thinking of me in a bikini on the beach, and looking good in my wedding gown. And after that first month it becomes part of your lifestyle, your daily routine. I always look forward to my jog now - it feels SO good!!! A few little tricks I also do that I'll share: When you're running to the store to grab a few things, don't look for the best parking spot infront of the door. Park at the furthest end of the parking lot and enjoy the extra walk. I ALWAYS take the stairs. When I need to talk to someone in my office I always get up and walk to their office rather than phoning or email. Play sports, walk the dog, anything to get moving!! I know you can all do it!! I'm sure I didn't say anything here that you didn't already know, but weight is something all us girls can relate to, and I just wanted to share the things I do that have been working for me and maybe it might work for you too!!
  5. I can already tell by reading these two threads that doing the legal stuff at home is more popular, just as I suspected. For me and FH, the legal marriage at home is just that - the legal paperwork. Our wedding date is the one in Mexico, the rest is just legalities.
  6. This has been an interesting topic for me, and the more I research, the more couples I am finding who opt to do the legal marriage at home, then just do a religious, or spiritual, wedding at their destination wedding. So, I am curious to just do a quick poll and ask the brides here to indicate whether there doing the legal wedding at home, or if their doing the legal ceremony at their destination. For myself, we're doing the legal ceremony at home. I apoligize if this thread has been done before. I'm fairly new here and didn't see it when I looked back a ways.
  7. I think so, and he's been great to deal with. Very patient and accomodating. The best part is when I told him that our small, simple wedding would, in no way, need 6 hrs of photography and 350 pics, he was good about customizing a package and price to suit our needs. As far as credit cards, yes, no small vendor seems to accept them, and I asked my photog about PayPal, but no go. I was going to UPS, but it was going to cost me $75!! I think I'll just have to go on my WC trust and beleive things will turn out fine
  8. The photograher is Josef Kandoll, anyone heard of him? He was recommended by the WC at our resort. His website looks pretty good! I would UPS, but it's around $75 to courier, via $20 to wire transfer. As for the cc, so far no one takes it!
  9. Hey there, I'm a Canadian Bride who is getting married in Puerto Vallarta Mexico next month. This is all very new to me and I was just wondering how I can guarentee the legitimacy of vendors. i.e. photographer. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm a bit nervous wiring money to a Mexico bank account for a vendor I know nothing about. Basically I'm going on blind faith that I'm dealing with a reputable vendor. I'm worried about getting 'taken'. Is there any procedures, or ways to protect myself and know I'm getting involved with a legitimate service? Thanks,
  10. I've had similar experiences as the other brides have said. I try to do most of my communicating via email as phone calls can be quite expensive. Responses were slow and spuratic, and very frustrating at times. It took 4 attempts before they finally got the supper right that we wanted! In the end, my patience and persistance paid off and the contract is signed. You definetly have to be on them, but understand that the sense of urgency and stress is very low in these destination countries. I guess that's why they're so relaxed and that's where we go to get away and relax!! LOL It was hard for me to get used to my WC's laid back way, but I have and I know that things are coming along just fine. Good luck!!
  11. I just wanted to put my two cents in regarding getting legally married at home before going away for your wedding. That's exactly what me and my Fiance are doing. We're not saying a word to anyone about what we're doing, but if it comes up and someone asks, we're not going to lie. The way we've chosen to handle it, is to never use the word 'married', or 'wedding' when we describe it. We're going to make it sound like paperwork. "Oh mom, it's so great, we're able to do all the necessary paper work and legal techicalities at home, and avoid the hassles of doing it in Mexico". Saying some words infront of a JP and signing a piece of paper is NOT your wedding. If you adopt that mentality, you're family should too, and they'll understand. Honestly, it's silly to jump through all those hoops to have a wedding legally recognized in a foreign country; what matters it to have it legally recognized at home. We're getting married in Puerto Vallarta by the way! Not powder white beaches, but a beautiful place none the less!! Good luck
  12. Guess what girls....it gets better....AGH!!!! So, in reading everyone's thoughts, I became totally cool with planning my own party and was feeling pretty good about things. Well, after setting a date and my bf insisting it was a good date and that she'd be able to be there, she sent me an email this morning saying another friend of hers is having a bacholorette party that night and that now she doesn't know what to do! She's hoping that both groups will end up at the same bar so she can 'go back and forth'!!! Whatever... I'm so frustrated with her right now that I don't even care if she's there or not. I'm going ahead with my plans and she can come if she wants - I have plenty of other friends that will be there.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by TammyDez I am so sorry that you’re going through this. I am planning my bacheloret party and I am so excited. I wanted to make sure that the whole thing is crazy fun and off the hook. I will take any advise or ideas from my girls, but I would like the finally say so. You might want to throw some ideas out via email to your friends and that way you don’t feel like your doing all the planning or hire a party planner! Either way I hope you the best. I'm so glad I posted this! I thought it was this big awful thing to plan my own party, but I don't feel nearly as strongly about it now, especially when I read posts from others that have done it for themselves too!! As Tammy said, this way I get to have the night exactly as I would want it. And I'm sure once everyone gets caught up in talking about that night, friends will suggest plans and different ideas for us. Cool, I'm not really dreading this anymore - I'm totally excited!!!!
  14. To be totally honest with you, I've never even heard of menu cards for a buffet....
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