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  1. Natasha, Congrats on your wedding!!! Your invite is great!! I am going to send you my email - do you think you could send the file to me? Thanks for posting it!! Best wishes for a very happy marriage!!
  2. thanks for the advice - i used it and am finding so many! i'm too new here though - it won't let me open some things....bummer. but this site is so helpful - i love it!
  3. Your invites are great! Looking to do the same - thanks for posting them! best wishes for a happy wedding!
  4. the invites are awesome - you did a great job! I'm looking to do the same type invite for my destination wedding in august! thanks for posting it! Best wishes!
  5. I was on this site yesterday and noticed some posts that had these really fun passport/airline ticket type invitations - which I really love, only I can't find them online and I am having trouble find the people who posted about them! Any help anyone can provide would be so great! Thanks a million!
  6. kristi9874

    New to the Forum...

    Welcome! Congrats on your engagement! I'm new to this site - my name's Kristi and I'm from Central Jersey! Good luck on all of your wedding plans!!!
  7. kristi9874

    Hello all!

    Thanks for the welcome! I can use all the advice I can get!! Puerta Vallarta looks beautiful!!! Best of luck and happy planning!!!
  8. kristi9874

    Moon Palace Bride May 16th!!

    Best wishes and happy planning! I love it at Moon Palace - I'm getting married there in August! Hope all goes perfectly!
  9. kristi9874

    Hello all!

    Thanks so much! Your wedding pics are beautiful! Hope you are enjoying married life!!
  10. kristi9874

    Newbie, Mexico Bride

    Good luck and happy planning! That resort looks beautiful! i'm getting married at Moon Palace-Riviera Maya Mexico in August! Mexico is the perfect place to tie the knot! wish you the best!
  11. kristi9874

    Hello all!

    I'm new to this site! I'm from NJ and I'm getting married at Moon Palace in Riviera Maya, Mexico in August! Can't wait! So much planning to do!! Congrats to all of you newlyweds and about-to-be-marrieds! Best wishes and good luck!