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    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Hi Everyone, We are finally back after the Dreams wedding (4/24/0 and a month in Bali for they honeymoon. I completely forgot to post our photos...enjoy and let me know if you have problems opening the link/any questions... ..:: Pictage | Registration ::.. Cara
  2. caraleelee

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Same- just email some ideas (pics of flowers) to your wedding coordinator (mine was also Yesica) and they will price them out for you...totally reasonable! Also, if you haven't already, check out theknot.com for thousands of flower ideas. Ladies, I leave in two days for our honeymoon. 3 weeks in Bali! If you ask questions before I return on May 30th, I will be sure to answer them when I get back. All my best and happy planning! Cara
  3. caraleelee

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Hi again! Here are some answers: 1. Where did you get your centerpieces? I really like them. Colin and I designed the centerpieces ourselves at home, took a picture, and Yesica recreated them for the wedding. They were only $25 each. 2. It looks like your reception was at oceana, is that right? The reception was behind the oceana restaurant on the pool terrace. Very cool location b/c it is one of the more private ones a the resort. 3. Did you bring the hanging string lanterns or did Dreams provide those? Dreams provided and setup the lanterns for $180 USD 4. Did you use an outside vendor for your cake or did you use Dreams? No one touched the cake except when Colin and I smashed it in each other's faces. We used the Dreams cake included in the Dreams of love package. 5. Did you hire a DJ in Cabo? If so, who did you use? DJ Ricardo- the best!!! Hope this helps. Oh yes and regarding payment, using cash or AMEX traveler's checks you will not be charged any sort of fee. Our guests used credit cards but we paid the master account with Traveler's checks and cash.
  4. caraleelee

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    The concrete worked perfect. It's funny...on the day of you will NEVER even remember all of these little things you think and obsess about before. I never even saw my ceremony flowers and am waiting to see the pictures of them! The cake? A 30-second event that absoultely no one noticed or even ate except my four year old nephew who helped himself! Keep the questions coming. I'd like to do a full review- is there a format to use?
  5. caraleelee

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Hi Ladies! I just returned from the big day at Dreams and wanted to let you all know it was 1000x more than my best expectations! The hotel property, staff, service, wedding, weather, and everything in between was just perfect. I work for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and have high expectations. Everyone was just amazing! Here are some preliminary photos for you to view. I will post the professional ones when I get them. THis will get you started. Please feel free to ask any questions from food to dj to decor. I'm happy to help. Pictures: Picasa Web Albums - Cara - Cabo Cara
  6. caraleelee

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    PS- Here are my details so far: Wedding date : April 24,2008 Ceremony: Gazebo, 5:00 pm Mariachi band to play before with hors d'ouevres and cocktails, then ceremony, then more drinks, dinner, dancing Reception:Oceana Terrace Food: no idea yet- suggestions? I heard the fish entrees are great? Cake: Tres Leche Flowers: tropical theme w/tiger lily, hibiscus, etc. colors- coral and bright pinks and oranges DJ: apparently from this forum Dj Ricardo is the one to have! Hair and Makeup: my mom for makeup and Dreams for hair...is that a mistake? Anyone had their updo by Dreams? Wedding Cordinator Yesica at Dreams Photographer: Damian Langere: Damian Langere Photography | International Photographer Color of wedding: coral, champagne (tropical theme) # of Guests: 42 adults, 10 kids, 2 babies OMG get this!!!- 7 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen and LOTS of kids: my 11 nieces and nephews will walk down the aisle tall to short in height. things i have done; Dress Bridesmaid dresses room block Mariachi band photographer lanterns, centerpieces, lumineras save the dates...but with the wrong date and location We bailed out on the BIG traditional wedding after the STDs were sent and sent a letter out telling people the location moved to CABO and for those who would like to join us, please do! I know, crazy but things happen! booked photographer chose cake things need to be done: pick out Colin's ring shoes, jewelry, hair idea, veil OOT bags Bridesmaid gifts parent's gift groom gift DJ Flowers Menu vows readings @ ceremony song list for DJ HONEYMOON details in BALI!!! Yikes, this list is kind of long!
  7. caraleelee

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Hey everyone- Thanks SO much for your help with the lanterns and lumineras. Yesica already has them confirmed and the prices you gave were completely accurate. Question: Does anyone have any info on DJ Ricardo? Is he a good MC? What does he charge? Thanks!
  8. caraleelee

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Hi Ladies, I was wondering if any of you have used oriental lanterns to decorate the Oceana Terrace at Dreams. Also, has anyone used the paper sandbags with candles lit inside? If so, can you share where you bought them and their cost? For the lantern, did you buy the light bulb that goes inside, too? Do their outlets work with american power outlets? Thank you! Cara
  9. caraleelee

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Hi everyone, I'm April 24, 2008 at Dreams. I'm having difficulty understanding Yesica's price quote due to the language barrier with syntax and want to make sure I have it straight- did any of you choose the ultimate or dreams of love wedding package and are paying for your people above the 20 included in that package? Is the $1960 package price inclusive of setup for ceremony & reception? Thank you!
  10. caraleelee

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Hi Ladies, Great find on this forum! I'm getting married at Dreams on April 24th, 3008. I booked it site unseen! :0 I will have plenty of questions, although I was lucky to have my future mother-in-law go on a site visit for me. Looking forward to talking with you all.
  11. caraleelee

    Another newbie

    Hi Everyone, my name is Cara and I'm getting married at Dreams Los Cabos April 24th.
  12. caraleelee


    Hi Everyone- So excited to find this forum! I'm getting married April 24th at Dreams Los Cabos. Can't wait to get suggestions from everyone!