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  1. Yeah. I think things will be fine now.. It would have just been nice if I wouldn't have had to go through all sorts of stress all night last night and this morning..
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Mandy Where in Missouri do you live? Are you anywhere close to Springfield where I might be able to help? Aw thank you for offering to help! I live about 65 miles south of St Louis.. little ways from Springfield lol.. But thanks! Hopefully these will be the right flowers... If not, I'll just drink until they look right!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jean-marcus first of all why didnt she try and fix them before calling you to stress you out.... Amen! That is exactly my thought process..
  4. I'm so glad I have you girls! Nobody understands the stress except for other brides! LOL
  5. Ok. She just called me and said that they are driving the right ones in from another town. So hopefully these are right. I think I may snap if I go to pick them up and they are wrong... I just don't understand how someone runs a business like that! You'd think she would have done everything she could to fix the problem before she bothered me with it & stressed me all out...
  6. I havn't heard from her yet.. They opened at 9:00 so I am going to call here in a few minutes and see what is going on. What I wanted was the giant sunflowers... she said the ones that came in are not only smaller than gerber daisies but the center is green instead of brown?!?! I just don't understand why she didn't have a plan BEFORE she called me. I work 65 miles from my home - which is where the florist is so it isn't very easy for me to get there to check things out. She didn't even offer to stay a little late until I got into town yesterday to look at them. Jacqueline - AHR means At Home Reception. Our DW (destination wedding) was on February 15th and this is the reception we're having at home for the people who didn't go to the wedding..
  7. Ok. My AHR is TOMMORROW! Yesterday (48 hours before my reception) I recieve a phone call at 4:00 p.m. from my florist. I am stating this word for word.. she says "Hi Crystal. This is Diane from Treasured Memories. We recieved your flowers today and you are not going to like them at all." Yes! She really did say that! So of course my response was.. what was she going to do to fix it, of course. After a short conversation she says "let me call and see what I can do and I will call you right back". Guess what... it is the next day and I never heard from her!!!! I feel like I have to be imagining all of this because how can a florist really say that to me and then never call back!? Like I said yesterday, I will be so happy when this AHR is over...
  8. Thank you all for your kind words =-) I think I am just ready for it to start. I am ready to just be there and be having fun rather than sitting here wondering and worrying how things will go. And to be honest, I am just ready to start my life with my husband without all of this wedding stress!
  9. My MOH was there last night but she didn't know what to do other than stare at me while I had a break down. Then her and her boyfriend (who is also my husbands cousin) left. I think I may have scared them. LOL
  10. So. My AHR is this Saturday. That's right 2 more days! I am so weddinged (yeah I don't think that is a word) and stressed out that I just want it all to be over!! I had the biggest disaster (well it was the biggest disaster to me, not anyone else of course) last night with my centerpieces and I literally threw it in the trash. Not to mention my aunt, her 2 children, her boyfriend and his son are due to arrive at my house from Flordia today while I am at work. So I cleaned late into the night last night just trying to make my house look decent for them. Oh, and I have no vacation time left here at work due to a funeral that I had to attend out of state the week before my DW, so I can't even get tommorrow off to spend with my Aunt and her family OR get prepared for Saturday. I need a drink!!
  11. Yes, I didn't even think about needing extra songs for the ceremony. I thought I was being smart by having my song for walking down the isle LOL! So yes, definitly have a few extra songs on hand, just in case.
  12. Our DW was February 15th and our AHR is next Saturday - March 8th and I have to say I am completely stressed out and just ready for it all to be over! I have been scrambling since I got back to try and get things finished in time. Part of me thinks it would have been better to wait a while to have the AHR and another part is happy that it will all be over soon. All cases are different for you and I think 3 months afterwards is fine - esp. since your DW is right before the holidays. I think your guests will actually appreciate that you aren't having it right in the middle of the holidays.
  13. The Palace was absolutely gorgeous! We stayed 2 resorts down at the Riu Playacar but came to the Palace to do some photos. I really wanted to stay at the Palace but my husband insisted that it would be too expensive for everyone else.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by nenamono Definately go for the song that makes you happy its your wedding day. I will be walking down the aisle to the instrumental version of Clocks by Coldplay. Ok so maybe someone can help me out Im confused by the processional, recessional, etc and how many songs I need to have, how long, etc. Can someone explain any of this to me or point me in the right direction. I don't know what other resorts are like but when we married at the Riu Playacar, I didn't know it until I got there that I needed 4 songs. One for when the bridesmaids are walking down the isle, one for me walking down the isle, one for the signing of the marriage certificate, and one for us leaving. I had only brought with me the song I wanted to walk down the isle to. Luckily the rest of our family was still at home when I found out so they were able to download the songs I wanted and bring with them when they came.
  15. Well, after my Aunt put me through all of the heartbreak about not coming, she e-mailed me agian yesterday and said they were for sure coming. That was a HUGE relief for me because I was so upset thinking the only person I am really close to in the family wasn't going to be there. Now the big challenge is the fact that I will have 2 more adults and 3 children staying in our very small house for the weekend... This weekend is going to be spent doing so serious cleaning and decluttering so I can fit them in the house!!
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