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  1. Hi, I just received an email from his company and he is unable to dj our wedding. They want to send someone else and I am a little worried. I only see reviews specifically for Carlos. If anyone has any other information to share I would greatly appreciate it. Our wedding is at the end of the month so I need to make a quick decision.
  2. I just got a quote for $900 for 4 hours. I am hoping my resort will allow him to come there. He is quick to respond. I am wondering if anyone knows if he speaks good english? We really want someone who can announce us and let the guests know when the cake is, ect... If anyone has used him recently I would love to hear what you think. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I was told that it will cost $45 for each person over the 20. This includes everything from cocktail hour to reception. The cake will be extra depending on how big you would like it. Does anyone know if you can request different menu items?
  4. Hi, I heard from Vernonica two days ago. It took her a little while to respond to me, but she did apologize. I get so worked up too! I also just wanted to share a few things with everyone. I was concerned about centerpieces and being able to add stuff like candles ect. and she said that we are able to ship stuff down ahead of time. I am not sure if this will turn out to be cheaper, but with all of my luggage and the new bag fees I thought I would look into it. Also I was told that the chairs for the bows are $5 a piece and if you want any other color linens besides white there is a fee. Does anyone know if the symbolic ceremony has all traditional vows and ring exchange? I think we are going to get married ahead of time because the blood thing freaks me out. Are people telling their guests that it is not a legal ceremony? Thanks for everyones help! Happy planning!
  5. Hi, Thanks for responding. I hope that is the case and the dancing can go on longer. They use PSAV for their dj services. I have read only one review that I could find. It said that they were decent. We are doing the four hours for the dinner and dancing. It includes a live dj, microphone and whatever music we would like them to play for about $800. I have contacted the company and he said I could send them a list of songs and announcements that I would like made. The wc prefers that you go with this company because it is who they have a contract with. I may also bring my ipod just in case because you never know!!! Thanks, Jen
  6. Hi, I read that the dinner reception is only three hours. Is anyone using the dj because his packages are for four hours? I was under the impression that the reception could be longer, but now I am starting to get a little worried. Ahhh!I guess I will email her again. If anyone has done any more planning I would love to hear from you. I feel like I haven't done to much, but I did get my dress! That was exciting. Now I'm moving on to looking for centerpieces and flowers! Jen
  7. Hi, I am also getting married at Excellence Riviera Cancun on 6/27/09. I am so happy to see other people getting married here. I did have a chance to go there for a site visit. The place is beautiful. The service and food were great too. And of course the drinks!!! I did meet with Neomi, she was very sweet. They did not require a deposit, but you have to pay in full when you get there. They ask that you come three days in advance before your wedding. I am doing the symbolic ceremony and can only get there two days ahead of time and she is okay with that. As far as the pictures go I think that I received the same ones that everyone is talking about. After speaking with a bride there, she said that they are pretty flexible about making whatever you want. So the best thing to do is send them a picture of what you want. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks, Jen
  8. I think you are allowed to pick three. If you do not see what you like you can email the wc and she will work with you.
  9. Hi, I am getting married there too on June 27th! It's so beautiful there!
  10. I love her pictures. They are so pretty. I am getting married at Excellence Riviera Cancun and would love to find out how much she charges. If you have any other information on her that you could share that would be great. Thanks so much for creating this list! It has been such a help.
  11. Hi, I am pretty sure that we are going to get married here first and do a non legal ceremony in Mexico. Does anyone know if they still require you to be there a certain amount of time before the wedding? Also if anyone did do just a symbolic ceremony what did the minister do and did you add anything to the ceremony, like readings or a sand ceremony? Thanks for everyones help.
  12. Hi, I am looking to book our photographer and was wondering how long is a reasonable amount of time? The ceremony and wedding are all at the same resort so how long are people booking their photographers for?
  13. Hi, I did meet with the WC it is $45 after the 20 people and that includes cocktail hour and all. You will probaly have to get a bigger cake. She told me once a find a cake she will give me a price since it will have to feed 40 people.
  14. That's great! The WC did tell us that May, June and July are their most popular months for weddings so make sure you let her know a decent amount of time in advance. They only do one wedding a day if you plan on having a reception. They do two if they are both very small.
  15. Hi, I just got back from doing a site visit. The place is absolutely beautiful. I was able to see a wedding while I was there and the beach setup is the nicest that I have seen. If you are having more than 10 guests you pretty much have to do the beach wedding or the pier. I really wanted to do the gazebo, but I love the resort so much that I don't mind the beach. We met with the wedding coordinator and everything is pretty much done through email. The flowers, reception area, and food all looked great. Her email address is on the excellence website under weddings and honeymoons. She is pretty quick to respond so that is also a plus. If you have any other questions let me know. I will try and post some pics. Good luck with your search! Jen
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