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  1. how do i print on a2 envelope using microsoft word? i'm in the envelope section and i don't see this size...if i choose custom, it doesn't allow me to put the height/width of the a2 envelope cuz it's TOO SMALL... help?
  2. that's interesting to know...i thought you HAD TO have a civic cermony... now if i can find someone of notary to make my marriage legal with just signing documents....in Canada...that would be great... Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv Thought I'd bring this thread back to life in order to let everyone know that we've secured our 'legal signing' date. It's still a long way away ... Sunday, April 13, 2008 ... but we found a notary who does legal ceremonies here and she will do a signing of the documents 'only' for us for $50. So, we don't have to have any ceremony or anything. Just sign the papers and wait a few more days til we get to the DR for our "real" wedding with family and friends. I'm feeling so good about this decision now since it means we won't be exchanging any vows, etc. Yippee!!!
  3. ccsquinty

    Symbolic vs Civil ceremony?

    here is the info as far as i was told when i called city of mississauga: 1. marriage license ($135) 2. city clerk to perform your civic ceremony ($250; $300 if outside business hours) 3. 30 minute use of the chapel or garden at the civic centre ($65) i think that is all. Quote: Originally Posted by Carrie-Dreams DR so are you getting married here before you go? I have been calling around all morning trying to figure out what we need to do...are you going to the justice of the peace, would you mind sharing the details, I am getting no where with the city of brampton and mississauga...
  4. for those having a symbolic ceremony.... when you did the legal part in your own city, what did you wear? (for the civic ceremony)
  5. ccsquinty

    Symbolic Ceremony??

    for all those having a symbolic ceremony in the south....that means you will have a civic ceremony back in your own city... on your invitations, do you mention that you will have a civic ceremony in your own city or not?
  6. ccsquinty

    legally married in Canada

    what are the actual costs to just get married at city hall? 1. marriage license 2. city clerk to do the civic ceremony 3. use of the civic centre is that all?
  7. i'm having a symbolic ceremony down in the Caribbean... so actually getting legally married will be done in Canada i assume this is what i will need to be legally married in Canada 1. marriage license 2. civil ceremony (with 2 witness) does this mean i do the ring exchange TWICE (once in the civic and once in the symbolic)
  8. I'm getting married at Melia Caribe Tropical resort on November 6, 2008!
  9. for the tropical fairy tale, the PRIVATE reception will cost EXTRA as far as i know...
  10. how did you guys reserve a block of rooms at a resort for your dw? through a travel agent? direct via the resort? other? did you reserve the whole all inclusive package? or just the rooms? how much deposit did you have to put? was it non-refundable? the reason i ask is....my travel agent said i need to put $200 deposit per passenger for the ai (air+resort)...and that it is non-refundable....my wedding is in november...there is no possible way i know now for sure exactly how many guests....so i don't want to reserve for 40 guests...and in the end, wind up with 20 guests...that means i will lose $4000! what should i do?
  11. how early in advance should i send out the invitations for my destination wedding?
  12. ccsquinty

    i'm a newbie!

    hi everyone... i'm from canada...planning to get married this year...in november... still in initial planning...nothing set yet... i'll be asking alot of questions about destination weddings! =)