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  1. wow, all the photos are gorgeous. I was booked with them but I had to cancel my destination wedding. What a pity..they do an amazing job. kate
  2. I know that they are doing the same in Mexico. Many brides bring their photographer in the DR because they care about quality and nobody can forbid that. We don't have any contract with the resorts that say that we must use their photographer so what is the problem? They are totally wrong and I think it is gonna change. This is our wedding and WE have to tell them what we want.Good luck and I am sure you will solve the problem.
  3. this is stupid. Just have a look at the Dreams forum and these guys have great reviews and had even more when they used to work over there. It seems to be the best company in Punta Cana and I think that the resort companies are scared. Just look at their work. The last slide show is simply gorgeous. Hope you can work it out and it is probably a stupid person who has a personal issue with them because he decided to get another company( severine told me that it was all about money....it sucks) and see that they are still getting bookings for Dreams . They should care more about their clients instead of losing time fighting against the professional people. This is my point of view and I am happy I have found them to do my wedding. Good luck and I know that you can find a solution.
  4. kate12

    Punta Cana Photogs

    hey girls, I also booked with them. I spoke to Severine yesterday and she told me that she will post weddings next month on the blog. They have weddings booked in different resorts and will upload diffrent slideshows. It is easier than sending files and more convenient for us to look at them . She is probably right so have a look at the website again. This company really seems professional and they are used to do beach weddings so I think that we are making the right decision. Hope it helps and good luck. Kate
  5. kate12

    Arrrgh! Going NUTS Over Photography!

    hi, One of my best friend got married in Punta Cana last year and her pictures are stunning. It is a company based in Punta ( they are from europe ) but they also do other destinations. I've checked the prices and they have a 2 hours package for 1300 US$ so with the trip you should be around your budget and they are really good. You should get in contact with them. the website is Photosouvenir Punta Cana, Wedding Photographer Dominican Republic. Good luck and hope it helps. Kate
  6. kate12

    Punta Cana Photographers

    hi, I am kate and I am planning my wedding in Punta Cana for june. I can see that we all have the same problem about photography. Just to let you know, I have found a great company ( probably the best one) in Punta Cana. Photosouvenir Punta Cana, Wedding Photographer Dominican Republic .One of my best friend got married last year in the Excellence Punta Cana and used them for her wedding and her pictures are stunning. This is a team of professional photographers from Europe and their work looks really good. Plus,they are cheaper than the photographers here and offer the same quality. I am booking with them and they said that they can go anywhere in Punta Cana so you should ckeck it out. Hope it helps. Kate