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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sdtooley I was just wondering how many guests you had there for your reception? There were 41 of us including my husband and I. I thought that was about the perfect number of people too. Everyone stayed for at least a week (DH & I were 2 weeks) so we had a chance to hang out with everyone. Some people went on excursions and there was always someone who wanted to go and someone who wanted to stay behind. At dinner we all just congregated at the Sugar Reef Bar around 6:30 and then made our decisions about dinner. There was never any pres
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by ksryan oh my gosh your pictures are amazing! I;m gonna have to find a professional! Ksryan- I just used the photographer that was included in my wedding package. I think his name was Ruben. I think he did a great job too but I do wish I would have hired him to stay longer through most of the dinner reception instead of just taking picture before during and after the wedding ceremony.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by motorola_mascott I'm just trying to decide on a reception location - - you said yours was by the 'activity pool' --- is that the same thing as the 'dolphins pool' that is given as a reception option in the guide? Yes, the activity pool and the dolphins pool are one in the same. I had my reception on the beach side of the pool which kept us out of the way of most of the other guests at the resort. I also wanted a location that was very close to a bar and restroom. We did not have a problem at all with getting drinks all night. We were right next to
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by shannon26 Everything looked gorgeous! How much did you spend in total for the wedding? I'm not totally sure about the exact price becasue my parents paid for everything. My father almost had a heart attack when he paid the bill because it was in pesos but I think it was around $7000 by the time we had all of the extras added in and tipping.
  5. Can you post more pics. I would love to see them. I tried clicking on your photobucket link and there's nothing there
  6. I can't wait to see your pro pics Lulu! Looks like we had the same ribbon for our flowers!
  7. Sarah- The pics are fantastic and the colors are amazing. I love that you did the dance floor on the beach with the hanging globes above. It looks like you guys had an amazing time
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 First, you look BEAUTIFUL! I think we have finally decided on Dreams Tulum- so I have a few ?s for you! 1. What package did you guys end up getting? 2. What do you think you paid for the wedding/photography, etc. all together? Any info would be great! Thanks! Hi JMB! Thank you so much. I elected to go with the ultimate wedding package and just used the resort photographer that came with the package. I did pay an extra $350 for the CD of all the pictures he took so I could bring them home and use them as I wish. I do wish that I would
  9. Rachel!!! Oh my I'm soo sorry I haven't checked BDW in a couple of weeks. We're in the middle of renovating our condo and work is well....lets just say i'm in the financial industry and I'm afraid of spending too much time on the internet at work lately. don't want to give the boss man a reason to let me go Yes I did provide my own ribbon. I brought at least 100 spools with me of various patterns in my colors and different width's. I just gave it all to landy and told her to do what she wanted. It worked out great. I had soo much ribbon she used them as napkin rings too! As far as the
  10. The one drives me crazy and my husband sings it every chance he gets is the McDonald's "gimme that filet-o-fish" commericial. I can't wait until lent is over and they take this one off the TV!!!! YouTube - Gimme that Filet-O-Fish
  11. Thanks for the input. That's the route I think we're headed. We just called another store in NYC and they confirmed that the dress is discontinued. I told my girlfriend to get the courage to call the store back and tell them that we know the dress is discontinued and that they are trying to sell us the dress in the store. Which we'd be willing to work with provided there was a serious discount. The dress started out at $2500 and they and they knocked it down to $1850. I personally tell her to just forget it except it looks AMAZING on her. It's so unique. I told her to offer $500
  12. I was shopping for a dress yesterday for my best friend and MOH who is getting married in September. We found a dress that was in a trunk show the previous weekend and fell in love with it. The store really tried to pressure her into buying the dress or at least put a non-refundable deposit that day insiting that the dress was being shipped to another store the next day for another trunk show and that as soon as the dress left the store they would no longer be able to put in an order for said dress. Of course she received a call today saying that she had to make a deposit today to ensur
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