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    Ok can't attach piccies cause they are too big. Follow the link Facebook | Rachael Mear's Photos - Our Wedding Day
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    We got married at the Iberostar Tucan in Mexico on Aug 13th. Will try and attach some piccies for you all!
  3. Hi Ladies. We got married at the Tucan last August. It was amazing! Yes the hotel is touristy but we took 14 members of the familt with us (aged 2-6 and so it was good for all the family to enjoy the holiday as well as the wedding. The wedding was the best day of our lives! We would not have changed a thing. People do get up early to reserve sunbeds which is a bit rubbish but you can still get a bed even if you get up late (well we did!) We used the on site photgrapher and we were more than happy with the piccies. The total cost for our photos was about $1300 but we had loads of photos and the dvd. You can have a smaller package if you like. You can see our wedding photos here: Facebook | Rachael Mear's Photos - Our Wedding Day and piccies of the hotel and mexico here: Facebook | Rachael Mear's Photos - Mexico If youve got any more questions i would be happy to help. xx
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    Hi everyone. I stumbled across this forum and thought I would join in the fun! I am already married. Had a destination wedding last August. Just wanted to come on here and pass tips and stuff!! Rach