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  1. so do you have the guests rsvp to the wedding travel agent or to you for their bookings?
  2. does anyone have a copy of the coin ceremony that is used in mexico?
  3. We are having a magistrate marry us first and then having a symbolic ceremony with a coin exchange. If you google coin exchange ceremonies you can find some info. Also, the destination weddings book by the knot has a great outline for destination weddings. You can purchase it at bn.com.
  4. Maroma should be a great place. Their wedding coordinator, Monica is very responsive and helpful. They have a chapel as well. They are a bit small than the other karisma resorts.
  5. I have heard nothing but positive about el dorado royale. Kiosi and I are honeymooning there next year.
  6. I am in the process of planning a wedding at Azul Beach now. My date is 5-23-09. So far we have had a great experiance with the planning. We are using the wave lounge for the reception. I thought their sit-down receptions were a bit pricey, although, they do one wedding per day so that keeps all of the attention on you and your groom.
  7. I am really surprised to hear about your experiance with El Dorado. I am due to have my wedding at Azul Beach and the coordinator made it very clear that we could not bring in an outside photographer...sorry to hear about your experiance.
  8. Hey everyone. My engagement story is the following: Kiosi and I were out at Walmart in March arguing over a shower curtain for our bathroom. We get home and went our separate ways. I decide to go to bed and he brings a movie in after having a few beers. Next, he woke me up since I fell asleep during the movie, and proposed to me. I thought he was drunk. I made him wait 24hrs and ask me again b.c i didn't believe him! We have been engaged a little over a year now with plans to be married in one year. Bethany
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    Here is my introductory information Bethany May 23rd Riveria Maya, Mexico. Thanks Bethany
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