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  1. I am really glad you had a great experience. I would live it if you could give me the contact info for your florist.
  2. blingony

    Dj's, Trio, MAriachis

    I leave this Friday to fly to Cancun and check out the Rosewood Mayakoba where we are holding our wedding. I am meeting with a Mariachi Trio and DJ. I get back on Tuesday and will load you up with info
  3. blingony

    Mariachis for reception(dinner)

    I am having a beachfront ceremony an opted for a Mariachi Trio that will play on the beach before the ceremony and then lead the guests to the cocktail hour before dinner. I think I am going to have background music from an Ipod for dinner and then start with the reception DJ.
  4. blingony

    i'm a newbie!

    Welcome to the site. You will enjoy every minute.
  5. Hi Carrie, I vote for #1. It looks really great on you and I think it will give you more of the "bride" feel than the other dress.
  6. blingony

    Need help with wc

    Thanks for all the help ladies...I found it!
  7. blingony

    Need help with wc

    Quote: Originally Posted by Christine hmm was that Anny's wc? I don't remember that name, but I would browse around the RM area and see if you can find anything. Does your hotel offer a WC? Hi Christine, You are absolutely right it was Anny's wc. I am going to try again. Thanks.
  8. blingony

    Need help with wc

    Hello Everyone. I am looking for a wc in the Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya area? Yesterday when I was browsing I came across a couple of entries with a recommendation for Julietta. But stupidly I didn't write down the info and now I can't find it.
  9. I really love the first one....it is very flattering and sophisticated. I also think it will photograph beautifully! Good luck.
  10. blingony

    Riviera Maya Wedding

    Hello Everyone..... My name is Brandi and I am getting married in Riviera Maya on May 17th at the new Rosewood Mayakoba resort. I was having difficulty pulling together vendors in the area and this website has proven to be invaluable.