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  1. You have done a great job! It seems like you are organized and that is a HUGE plus
  2. I think the glasses are a cute idea
  3. AwesomeBride

    My Lynn Creation!!

    This turned out so cute. She really does good work, all the detail is amazing
  4. I really like your dress. Okay on to the bridesmaid's dresses. In the picture with yourself and the white dress. I actually like the white with red ribbon, or you could silver with a red ribbon.
  5. That is really cool, I like the colors. Someone did something similar for Mom and Stepdad when they got married
  6. Tara- Everything looks great, you have done an outstanding job!
  7. Your books turned out so good. I am sure that the guests loved them.
  8. AwesomeBride

    My Fi Is From Another Planet...i Swear!

    Yes I have to agree I would be a little irritated myself... Oh, wait maybe because it just happened to me too. My FI and I were supposed to go and pick out shirts/pants last Friday and he decided that he didn't really feel like it so I went with my Mom on Saturday. I just warned him in advance, I didn't want to hear any complaints. It has been almost a week and I haven't heard any
  9. AwesomeBride

    Look at our new baby!!

  10. Very cute (and a good price)