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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by can't wait! I was wondering the same thing about the resort dj. I think (can't say for sure) someone on this forum used them and said they weren't too wowed by them. So I've started researching another dj that has gotten great reviews from other brides. They are mannia and if you do a search you will find them on here. I've actually contacted them and they are very reasonable. Plus, they offer all kinds of goodies like cold fireworks, illuminated dancefloors and special lighting. This is their email address: info@manniacancun.com.mx Thanks for the lead - I'm going to go ahead and use mannia (carlos, I think) for my reception. Will report back on mannia. FYI, for any jewish girls, he said he has hava nagila on his playlist (sp?) and a jewish mix (whatever that is, I'm not too picky). We were hoping to have the horah (traditional dance), chairs up in the air, all that, so looks like that'll be possible. Thank you!!! One task down, 327 left...
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    It will all come together! Love the bonfire idea - and there are many hotels that can pull that together. I'm considering that as well. Good luck!
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    Congrats and welcome - happy planning!
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    So good to start planning early! I wish I had! Enjoy the boards - a ton of info on here.
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    Welcome - so much great information on here, I love all the boarding pass tmeplates. Good stuff - and good luck!
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    Welcome - you have tons of time, so enjoy the process!
  7. Oh my goodness! I've been gone from the boards for a while and missed this - but dang, what an amazing review - and sunbride, you looked gorgeous. I love the flower in your hair, I wonder if i could do the same with a real flower (or fake, if i can find one...). I do hope they have their own tulle by now - sounds like so many glad are inspired by your design - can't imagine how much tulle they must throw out!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by chandrathebride Regarding the reception... my understanding is that unless you have over 50 people (and can therefore have a buffet) and you pick either the silver or gold package, you are required to pick 1 plate for everyone. Meaning everyone gets either meat/fish/veggie, etc. This seems really strange to me--have never heard of that. I don't need many options, but we do have a handful of vegetarians in our group. Does anyone know about this? My hubby to be thinks it will be fine to work this out with Sandra upon arrival. I am worried. I checked that with Sandra and landy during my food tasting when i visited - she said no problem on the vegetarians, just let her know in advance (which means when you get there!) I have several veggies to take care of too... and since I'm serving the filet/shrimp as the amin course, I plan on asking folks if anyone doesn't eat red meat and needs to switch out...
  9. Did anybody use a different DJ than the one that Sandra/Landy provided? Music's important to us, and although the boy was planning on using a DJ that he liked from the Blue Parrot in Playa, he's running into some scheduling challenges. Anyone have a DJ that might even be able to MC the event (not a lot, but just announce us and stuff, announce the dance - our tango - etc.), just run the show a bit more than what I've heard the resort DJ does. Suggestions, let me know...
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by leamil Thanks! I love the pics too.. We saved money in so many other ways and I'm so glad we decided to splurge on Vincent!! We were taking pictures during the cocktail hour but my family said it was great - per them - the Caribbean trio was really good background music that set the happy Mexican beach wedding mood, the drinks kept coming (we requested that they bring all different flavors of margaritas and they did that and more - they even recognized the father of the groom from previous nights and brought him cans of bud!!), the food was displayed on tables - they said it was a really nice display and everyone ate as soon as one person started, they said it was really tasty! Good to hear positive feedback on the Caribbean trio - still not sure what we'll do for music, but leaning that way.
  11. The fireworks sound AMAZING! Now to see if I can, erm, borrow that idea - what a way to make the cake cutting something actually worth waiting for! (And I'm yet another queens girl - jackson heights, though I've deserted for manhattan last year. crazy, i know.)
  12. Beautiful! I need to get crackin' on this stuff...
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by soontobeamrs You'll be fine!! No stressing!! I may have that many people too... don't know yet. Let me know what you think of the ballroom when you get back- I'd love to see pics of it decorated. SO you are having a DJ I am assuming? What time are you entertaining until? Do they have a seperate price list for the ball room? Sorry to bombard you! Thank you for the info~ I'll absolutely send pics - Sandra and Landy promised to send me some, but haven't gotten them yet. I am having a DJ, but haven't confirmed yet... the fiance is supposed to be dealing with that one... They told me I could go as late as I like, with an extra fee (don't know what that is yet) as long as I have it in ballroom - which is one reason to have it there. No separate price list from what I saw - not sure for what? You mean to decorate it or just to book the rooms?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride If you go to post # 371 of this thread (page 38 ) I have added a link so you can go download my newsletter. Here is the link to that part of the thread http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-38#post340908 Sunbride, to add to the chorus on this board, thanks so much for all your help and the wealth of info you've provided...
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by soontobeamrs That sounds good to me... like someone else said, I could have my reception in a ballroom anywhere! Are you having music/DJ or just going to the disco? I am so excited for you!!! Long happy hour would be great! It would be neat if you could somehow engage them in their own photo session... like they'd take pics of their families, friends.... for your scrap book? You might get some hams and end up with cool photos. I don't know how you could get the word out. Just an idea... camera + cocktails + time = kickass photos? Maybe. Soontobeamrs - you asked if folks were having 50+, I'm having abt 70-80 ppl at my wedding, sounds like that shouldn't be a problem. When I visited recently there was an 80+ person wedding, the guests all enjoyed it tremendously (I asked!). That was actually the first wedding they had in the ballroom, apprently some kinks to be worked out (dance floor-wise), but all was good by the time the wedding happened. I'm having the rehearsal dinner at the seaside grill, and the wedding reception in the ballroom. I went in there when i visited, and it's a bit, well, bare, but suspect it looks good with all the tablecloths, lights, tulle to split the room, etc. Some guests at the wedding suggested adding more flowers to make it look nicer. There's a stage, which will look good for our tango (!) but perhaps a bit bare during dinner... like it needs a band? dunno... Some thoughts: the beach is rocky, The guests I talked to suggested warning people to bring water shoes. I need to get a welcome email written and sent out that includes that... ack. Also warn them that it's a trek from the airport - those guests who weren't warned weren't pleased. Those who knew expected it, so that made the ride easier. I'm telling folks who can afford it to book a private shuttle...maybe I should try to organize something, but not sure yet. So much to do! I also want to arrange a trip to the ruins for the guests on friday day - if anyone's done that, let me know. (tour guide, van company, etc.) Some of the guests for the other wedding barely knew the ruins were there, and since the resport no longer does the bike trips to the ruins b/c of the construction on the road I'd like to get my guests over to see them. If anyone out there has any email/welcome note/anything they used do pm it over! Would be good to see what others have used. Ok, I should get going here... scary how much I haven't done yet.