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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Do you want ACTUAL pictures or do you want clip art? If you are looking for clip art I suggest you use dafont.com and use a font. That way you can effortlessly change the size of the picture and the color. got it! thank u!
  2. they're cute too...may i pls snatch your monogram? i think i wanna make my own STDs...
  3. i love ur invitations! i'm doing pink and green as well and prim and pixie's making them too!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Leia78 and congratulations! FI and I are thinking of having our honeymoon in the Philippines...where in Hawaii are you from? my husband is from Waipahu...we're both originally from the Philippines, where we're gonna have our church ceremony. i'm currently in NC working until he comes from his deployment early this year.
  5. hi! how much did they charge for yours? i love the pink and green...i think i'm gonna get them too!
  6. Hi again! Could you all please help me with the words to put in my boarding pass STD? I would also like to have a love quote in there too...thanks a bunch!!!
  7. could u all please help me find images of palm trees or orchids to put in my STD boarding pass? Thank u!!!
  8. Those were nice. Dy'all have wordings for a tropical wedding or something generic? Thanks so much!
  9. Super thanks to you...i am so loving them. they're perfect!!! where can i have them printed out? thanks a bunch!!!
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