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  1. i also was booked for a 2pm wedding. i was worried about the heat so claudia suggested a brunch wedding so we moved it to 11am. has anyone else had an earlier brunch or lunch wedding at dreams cancun? how is it? any advice about heat, pros/cons, etc?
  2. missconniec

    newbie here!

    welcome and congrats!!
  3. missconniec


    congrats and welcome to the forum! my sister was married in jamaica a couple years ago and it was GORGEOUS! the beaches are amazing and the people are so nice. your wedding will be amazing i'm sure!
  4. missconniec

    I dont know where to go!

    congrats and welcome to the forum. i wish i was lucky enough to find BDW before i booked my wedding. (it would've saved me months research! everyone here is so helpful and can answer so many questions so i'm sure you'll have no problem finding the perfect place for your wedding.
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    Hello there and congrats to you all!

    congrats and welcome. i'm sure the ladies on the site will be able to give you some advice. both places sound amazing!
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    The Countdown is on...Rui 1-31-08

    congrats and welcome!!
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    So excited I found BDW!

    congrats and welcome! everyone on the board is so amazing and helpful.
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    New Dreams PC Bride

    congrats and welcome. i'm also a newbie and have found the ladies on this site so thoughtful, amazing and informative in the past couple days i've been a member. i'm sure you will to!
  9. this thread is so helpful! its answered tons of my questions already...Claudia should be thankful for this forum!! lol. thanks again ladies!
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    Trash the dress pictures

    David & Laura! I love love love the pics!! They are so gorgeous! You guys look amazing!! I'm actually going to call the photographer today...i love his work! Thanks for sharing, Connie
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    Dreams Cancun Bride here!

    I was looking for referrals to some professional photographers in cancun (since the ones in LA charge an arm and a leg for destination weddings), a florist and possibly a canopy or tent rental company. My wedding is at 11am on 4/28 and its going to be HOT! We are planning to provide paper umbrellas for the ceremony and wanted to have the reception on the beach but my fiance and i are afraid it will be too hot in the sand. A simple canopy or tent will do the trick! I've also emailed Claudia for some referrals but she has yet to get back to me...
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    Dreams Cancun Bride here!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Connie and I stumbled on to this site trying to find vendors in Cancun for my upcoming wedding on 4/28/08 at Dreams Cancun. I'm so excited to have found this site...after reading through some posts I've already had some questions answered! Thanks and look forward to talking to you all soon! Happy New Year! Connie