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  1. Pam

    Hello from Alberta

    Welcome from your fellow Albertan Have fun planning...
  2. I love all the colors ~ and you look beautiful. Congrats
  3. Felicitation!!! Great review... I might have to bug you with some questions later on
  4. Pam

    Beach Receptions

    We havent booked the beach reception yet, but I just received an email from the wedding coordinator at the Ocean Sand Resort (where we currently have 24 people booked) with all the prices. If you would like it, PM me and I can email it to you. We're still trying to decide if we're going to make it private or not...
  5. Jennifer & Kelvin - April 19th, 2008 - Dreams Punta Cana Michael & Lisa: April 25th, 2008 - Paradisus Punta Cana Erica & Jorge: July 5, 2008 - Iberostar Punta Cana Valerie & Richard July 10th, 2008 - Ocean Blue Lindsay & Billy: July 11th, 2008 - Paradisus PC Jazlyn & Albert: August 2, 2008 - Excellence Punta Cana Kirk & Christina: August 8, 2008 - EdenH Punta Cana Anil & Pam: November 20, 2008 - Ocean Sand Cassie & Brad: November 24th, 2008 - EdenH Punta Cana Sorcha & Shannon: January 2009 - Punta Cana (still deciding on resort) Kristy & Vince: September 9th, 2009 - Dreams Punta Cana Valerie, you'll have to tell me all about it. I'm soooo excited!!
  6. Pam

    I am overwhelmed already

    Welcome fellow Edmontonian! We booked our trip through a travel agent. As of today, 24 people have booked from Montreal and Edmonton. I dont know much about resorts in Mexico. We've only been to the Dominican Republic, that's why we chose to get married there. Have fun planning!!!
  7. I just started spin classes last week; last night was my 3rd class and OUCH my bum kills! I was thinking of quitting and sticking to my own workout, but this thread motivated me to keep it up. I just want to lose a couple of lbs. Hopefully this will work without making my legs too big. Thanks ladies!
  8. Pam

    Punta Cana here we come!

    Congratulations! I'm also getting married in PC; just a couple of weeks before you. Have fun planning
  9. Great job, they look great! do you think you can send me the templates? I'm in the process of making airline tickets for the save a dates and was hoping to send out the passport ones for those who actually book. did it take long to do all 40?
  10. Hey Ladies, We just booked. I'm so excited!!! We dont have the wedding date yet, but we're arriving at Ocean Sands on November 16 2008. I cant wait! I joined the facebook group. thank you in advance for all the information
  11. Pam

    I dont know where to go!

    Hi Courtney and Jamielynne, I read quite a bit about your recommendation, however, I'm just curious why both of you did not choose it? Also, what I loved about PC was the white snad beach. Every morning it took my breath away...
  12. Pam

    I dont know where to go!

    Thanks again everyone! I started reading a couple of topics, and all I can say is WOW! I'm so happy I joined. I am so amazed with all the information being shared... I cant wait to make a choice and start sharing the plans with all of you
  13. Pam

    I dont know where to go!

    Thanks for the information JaimeLynne There will be kids with us, so I'll take a look at Dreams Tulum. I never heard of it and am curious. Would you happen to know the price range? By the way, how do you add a picture to your messages??