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  1. I went with the most expensive one they offer (Andres Ramos) and it was $70 per head. It was really fantastic and everyone loved their food. I know that Dazzling Details works with them too because a friend of mine used them and when I looked into going with them, I found out that DD charges double ($140 per person) for the same caterer. We were able to offer two choices: Mahi Mahi or Steak & Shrimp. I can send you the other prices I have if you would like. There aren't any other caterers that they work with that are more than the ones we chose. You really wouldn't be disappointed. Let me know if you want more info....I can email the prices to you. We also used Elite Services for the rehearsal dinner at the villa and that was also WONDERFUL!! That was very reasonable. Tracy
  2. We rented Villa Las Palmeras & Villa Katalina...they are right next door to each other. We had 44 guests at our wedding and most of them stayed at the villas. There are 20 bedroooms between the 2. Some of out other guests stayed at Hotel Conchas Chinas. I would definitely recommend staying there. The staff was wonderful and it wasn't too expensive for all of our guests. There is a minimum number of rooms and nights you have to book if you have a wedding there and if you would like I can share that with you. I am working on a review & pictures now!! When you sit down to get it all together it is amazing how much planning we all have done....!!
  3. We went to the Z Tai Restaurant a couple nights while we were there. That place is really cool inside but not a rowdy dance club spot. We had fun sitting in there and having some drinks and then went to Carlos O'Brians (they have dancing), Zoo bar, and another bar in between the 2 that I can't remember the name of. It is newish and has a light up dance floor. They are all on the same couple blocks of the malecon.
  4. I used Roberto Aceves in PV last Saturday and I was very happy. He is very kind and his pictures are beautiful. I would recommend him. Interphoto 2000 Tracy
  5. I just had my wedding at a villa on March 1...it was wonderful. I used Michael & Eva of Vallarta Weddings (wed@vallartaweddings.com) and the wedding was at Villa Las Palmeras. I will get pics posted ASAP so that you can see them. You would love it there and your guests would as well. Let me know if I can answer any questions. Tracy
  6. I just returned from my wedding and honeymoon and I used Michael & Eva of Vallarta Weddings. Everything was absolutely perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything more. They were wonderful. I am working on getting my pics together right now. Let me know if you have any questions about them. I would recommend them 100%. Tracy
  7. We are using We Are Man and Wife by Michelle Featherstone. I cried the fist time I heard it so I knew it was the right one. I also love Better Together by Jack Johnson and Today by Josh Radin. It was a tough call.
  8. I'll just miss you. We are arriving in PV on the 26th. Good luck and have a great time!
  9. Wow! Your guests are going to be so impressed. You should become a wedding planner. I am only a couple week behind you and SOOO far behind. Have a great time and good luck!!!
  10. I tried ordering that dress from Nordstrom.com and the estimated ship date is 5/30/08.....my wedding date is 3/1/08 so it won't work for me. According to the rep at Nordstrom that dress isn't available in stores. I also called BDBG and the salesperson told me she thought it was there a while ago but they are completely sold out. I LOVE THAT DRESS. I am so sad. Hopefully you can get it in time for your big day!!! I'd love to know how it looks on!
  11. We are having each of our guests pay for their own rooms. It was actually cheaper than most of the hotels that we had checked in to. We had to pay in 2 installments so that is how we had our guests pay. I collected all the money and then wrote one check for the entire group. With enough notice our guests had no trouble getting their checks to me on time. It wasn't as big of a pain as I thought it was going to be. Villa Las Palmeras is more expensive than Villa Katalina but we had everyone pay the same amount and the room choices were just first come first serve. I am really excited about it and everyone is too!
  12. I am getting married in Puerto Vallarta at Villa Las Palmeras (12 bedrooms) and it is connected to Villa Katalina (8 bedrooms). I will be able to tell you more about it after we return. I haven't seen it in person but my WC & others have done weddings there and it was georgeous. You can have a lot more guests at the wedding but only about 40 people can stay there. It is only 5 minutes walking distance from downtown PV. The webites are Puerto Vallarta Villa Villa Las & Puerto Vallarta Villa Villa Kata.
  13. I can't open the flower availabilty list since I don't have enough points. I am getting married in PV and was quoted $180 for the bouquet I want because there are orange, soft and hot pink roses, mango calla lilies, orange lilies, orange tulips and gloriosa lilies. I was told that the mango calla lilies and gloriosa lilies (which is the exotic red and yellow flower) are imported and very expensive. I think I will go with a modified bouquet for $65. Has anyone else had this problem? Bouquet.doc
  14. Some friends of mine used Paulina Ulloa and she did an excellent job. The only problem was they loved ALL the pictures and ended up spending way over their budget for the pictures when it was all said and done. The pictures are wonderful but it may be right that the packages you intend to pay for are too small. I am using Roberto Aceves as my photographer in PV.
  15. If you can't find the Spanish phrases for Dummies at Target for $1...I couldn't....I just ordered (20) Easy Spanish Phrase Books from Amazon.com for $52.35...it is about $2.60 each including shipping. Just another idea!!
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