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  1. Another thing I thought of may be to just use the drawing tool bar. 1. Go to view, toolbar, drawing toolbar 2. Highlight image and then click on the set transparent color tool (2nd from the right side) 3. Bring down transparent tool while pic is still highlighted and click it on your pic Let me know if neither of these work! Good luck! Christi ...again!
  2. I'm not sure if this will work, but it is worth a try! 1. Save your logo in ppt as a jpeg 2. Bring up a new slide in ppt and use the circle drawing tool 3. Right click on circle and choose format autoshape 4. Go to Fill (where main color is) and scroll down until you see fill effects 5. Choose picture tab and press select picture (find your logo jpeg) and press ok 6. Logo should appear in circle (you can get rid of the outer line of the circle by going into auto format, Line, scrool down on color and choose no line) Hope this helps! Good luck! Christi
  3. Hi Kay! I will try to help you with your logo. Just PM the attachment to me. I don't have the software that will change the color from purple to pink though. I would be glad to try to help out the best that I can though! Christi
  4. I understand where you are coming from. I had to rethink my plans, too! That is sweet of you to think of your family! Let me know if you have any questions about HHI. I would be glad to help! Christi
  5. WSUgal

    Last minute bride

    to the forum! It has lots of great info! I got married in HHI this past June. It was great. I have been going every summer or spring break since I was 12. It was so nice! Where are you getting married in HHI? Let me know if you need any help! Good luck! Christi
  6. Thank you so much Bianca and Anny! That means so much to me and I know it will mean alot to her. I can just see her grinning from ear to ear now! Thanks for taking the time to do that!
  7. I am working on a making a Christmas book with my students to give to their parents for Christmas. It is based off the book Christmas Is... by Gail Gibbons. One of my students would like to translate her book from English to Spanish because her parents only understand Spanish. I was wondering if someone could help me translate her paper. She and I would be so grateful! Here is her story! 1. Christmas is ... Mom and my family. My family is nice to me. They take care of me and buy me stuff. 2. Christmas is ... presents. When it is Christmas, I open my presents. 3. Christmas is...about my teachers. They buy gifts for us. 4. Christmas is... Santa Claus. Santa Claus leaves presents for me by the tree. 5. Christmas is... ornaments and decorating the tree. We use the family ornaments every year. We decorate the tree and drink egg nog. 6. Christmas is...baby Jesus. Jesus was born in a manger on December 25. 7. Christmas is...joy. It is so fun! 8. Christmas is...Christmas cards. I love to get cards. 9. Christmas is...a feeling in your heart. I always get an excited feeling in my heart. Thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks for the compliments on my decor! I used to work for Bath and Body Works and that was one of our props that we had. So, when the season was over, I bought it along with my present "ornaments" and the bright green tree!
  9. back! How sweet of you to remember us by posting photos so fast! You looked beautiful. I love the arch you had, sooo pretty! You catch up on sleep and we look forward to hearing more from you!
  10. What a great idea for a thread! I was contemplating not putting up any Christmas decorations this year because I am so busy with school work. But, I have to say that this thread inspired me. Now, I am felling a little more jolly! Ho, ho, ho! I loved seeing everyones decorations so far! Here are my decorations: My DH gave this ornament to me on our first Christmas together. Hard to believe that was 7 years ago!
  11. I am so excited for you! Enjoy your time! You are going to be a beautiful bride!
  12. I think your gifts sound great! I put together a photobook from My Publisher for my mom and dad after the wedding and they were so excited about it! All that matters is your thought! My mom and dad weren't worried about the gifts we gave them on our wedding day...they were just happy for us. I am sure that your parents will be the same way. The joy and happiness of the day is all that they care about. That is the biggest gift that you can give them! I hope your plans are going well! I was so excited to see your picture! Yeah! You and FH look so cute and happy!
  13. DH and I stayed at this resort for our honeymoon. It is gorgeous! We saw a wedding there and it was really pretty. The food was delicious, too! If you have older guests, it may be difficult for them to get around. The resort is built into a side of a cliff, so there are many hills. You can get around by golf carts, but during busy times it would take awhile to get one. DH and I mostly walked because we enjoyed the exercise. We would take the shuttle next door to Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, which is an adults only resort. We loved the Pacifica because it was so peaceful and spa like. If you don't have any children in your wedding, I would consider this resort also because it is a little smaller. Good luck with your decision! Here are some threads I found that may help you! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t20878 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t23928 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t10862
  14. Angela- I love your ttd pictures. Too sweet! I hope married life has been treating you well.
  15. Katie- I am so sorry that you and FH have to go through this. Cancer is a terrible illness. I hope the you and the FH are holding up. Keep your chin up and I am here if you need me!
  16. Katie- Your location looks gorgeous! I am so excited for you and your soon-to-be hubby. Way to go on checking off the location from your to-do list! Yeah!
  17. My DH had his sister as his "best woman!" It was a lot of fun and very fitting because she watched out for him when they were growing up. The groomsmen wore seersucker pants, so she found a blue seersucker dress. It was so cute! I think you should definitely ask him! Go for it! remember...it's your wedding!
  18. I invited my hair stylist that I have been going to for years. I paid for her flights, 2 nights at hotel, car rental (I got married in the states!), and 2 meals (well...rehearsal, morning of wedding breakfast, and reception). She styled 9 members in the bridal party. I had the gals tip her (~$25 from each person), so she could make some money. It worked out well for both parties! The bridal party didn't have to pay for up-do + tip at a local salon and my stylist made some money and a mini-vacay! I also gave my stylist the same bridal gift as my bridesmaids. Good luck with your decision!
  19. I just looked on my receipt from them and it says: For return instructions, please call (800)-228-0475. It looks like you may have to get an authorization code from them before you can return. It doesn't mention anything other than that (well...besides the return address label with address). Hope this helps!
  20. I can't help you with Napa Valley, but I can tell you about a wedding in Carmel by the Sea. My SIL got married there 3 years ago and it was beautiful! I loved the town because it was so quaint and cozy. She had her wedding at the church in town called Church of the Wayfarer (Churches, wedding services, Wedding guides in Carmel CA and Monterey California) and then she had her reception at the winery called Chateau Julien ( Chateau Julien Wine Estate - Carmel Valley, California). Her wedding was gorgeous and so much fun. She got great pics on the winery grounds. Good luck with your search and congrats!
  21. Hi Katie! Another HHI bride...yeah! I just got married in HHI about a month ago. I would love to help you out if you have any questions! I just posted a review from my wedding here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t25716 Here is a great link I found that towards the end of my planning that I wish I would have known about: Hilton Head Island Weddings :: Your Best Source of Local Wedding Information I stayed within my budget...which was about $9000. The biggest ways to save money that I found were: 1. Plan your wedding on a weekday vs. a weekend (Vendors are willing to get you business during the week) 2. Look for vendors right outside the HHI area (ie. Bluffton, Beaufort, etc) 3. Just invite your must have friends and family (We had 40 guests) 3. Find creative ways to celebrate other wedding related activities * For example, we had a welcome dinner for our guests at our resort. We had a BBQ! We went to Sam's that day and just picked up some food and drinks (~$200) and BBQed at the resort. The guests had fun and enjoyed the food. * For rehearsal, we had our party at DH's sister's house she rented. It was a Mexican themed night (since we really wanted to get married in MX!) and we decorated the house with Mexican decorations. We catered in some Mexican food (~$250) and made margaritas. The party was fun and the guests raved about the food. Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions...I will be glad to answer any questions! Christi
  22. Here is a list of games that I found while trying to come up with some baby shower games. Out of this list, I did the The Left/Right Game, Unwrapping Game, and The Candy Bar Game. They were a big hit! Good luck with your shower! Baby Shower Games Left Right Game ~ Have guests sit in a circle and hand one of the guests a wrapped present. Don't let her open it yet. Begin telling the following story (each time you say the word LEFT they have to pass it to the person on their left. Each time you say RIGHT pass it to the right.) The guest left holding the gift at the end of the story is the winner! Mrs. Right was on her way to Cara’s baby shower. She accidentally took a Right instead of a Left and got lost. Mrs. Right Left her house at 1:45 and arrived Right on time at 2:00. But Mrs. Right Left her gift at home! She was not in her Right mind today. Mrs. Right left the shower and went back home. The gift was on the table, Right where she had Left it! Mrs. Right Left her house and went Right back to the shower. When she arrived there wasn't any food Left! Mrs. Right was so hungry that she Left the shower, got Right back into her car and drove to the Right Left Right Doo-Wop Diner! Mrs. Right ordered the Sunday Special and ate it Right up until there was nothing Left! Unwrapping Game ~ For this baby shower game idea, set a timer to go off every five to ten minutes as the mom-to-be is opening her gifts.The guest whose present is being opened at the time the buzzer sounds, gets a small prize. Easy and fun! What's in a Purse? ~ First have the mother-to-be make a list of about 8 random items (spoon, utility bill, gum, etc.) Things normally not found in a purse. (You would be suprised what some women have in their purse.) The first person who shouts out I've got that, wins! You have a winner for each item. Tray Game Variation ~ This baby shower game idea is similar to the classic "Baby items on a tray memory game", only with a fun twist!Have the person go around the room with baby items on it as planned, but instead of asking questions about the itemson the tray ask the questions about how the person carrying the tray is dressed! FYI - Havethe person carrying the tray leave the room before asking questions about them. The Candy Bar Game ~ This is one of my favorite baby shower game ideas! Buy the following candy bars and tape them to a large piece of poster board. Hand out paper and a pen to each guest. Begin reading off each clue and have guests write down which candy bar goes with each clue. The guest with the most correct wins a prize, or a candy bar! If more than one person wins, have them each pick their favorite candy bar. Contractions: Whoppers AND/OR: 11 pound baby: Whoppers Grandparents: Lifesavers AND/OR: Epidural: Lifesavers Boys' Names: Mike & Ike Umbilical Cord: Twizzlers Father: Sugar Daddy Baby Fat: Chunky Girl's Name: Baby Ruth Cover Baby's Face with These: Hershey's Kisses Hospital Bills: 100 Grand AND/OR: College Fund: 100 Grand Time Alone: Zero Lull-a-Byes: Symphony Diapers, Formula, Medicine: Payday OR: Hospital Bills: Payday First Year of Parenthood: Rocky Road Dirty Laundry: Mounds AND/OR: Engorgement: Mounds Night of Conception: Skor Sweet Infant: Sugar Babies Breast Feeding: Milky Way Poopie Diaper: Tootsie Roll Contractions: Now & Later Triplets: 3 Muskateers Teething: Crunch Cool Mom: Peppermint Patty Pass The Centerpiece ~ This is a great game to decide who gets to take home the cute centerpiece! Have guests sit around the room and you read the following rhymes to them. Pass the centerpiece around accordingly. The guest left holding the centerpiece at the end, gets to take it home with them. 1. The news is out, quick send a cable, the centerpiece goes to the lady across the table. 2. If someone wears a dress of blue, she must take this gift from you. If blue cannot be seen, it goes to the one wearing green. 3. I will now read another verse...please pass it to the gal with the largest purse. 4. We are getting tricky, here is a real humdinger! Pass it to the one with the most rings on her fingers. 5. Wow! What a success! Pass it to the guest with the most buttons on her dress. 6. Alas, this gift is not for you. It now goes to the one with the largest shoe. 7. Let's get this party started girls..pass it to the one with the cutest curls. 8. Mommy is anxious. Daddy is nervous. Now pass this to the lady who drove the furthest. 9. There won't be time to practice, there won't be time to rehearse. Pass this centerpiece to the gal with the most money in her purse! 10. We hope you all are having fun. We have tried to include most everyone. From the largest purse to the largest shoe, pass this gift to the right of you. 11. We're ending this rhyme, this is the last poem, the centerpiece you are holding is yours to take home! * I attached the list of games and the The Candy Bar Game Worksheet! Baby Shower Games.doc candy bar game.doc
  23. Here are my OOT bags that I gave to my guests! They loved them. I think the biggest hit was the Tylenol. (The DH questioned me buying meds to put in there because he thought people would bring their own!) By the end of the week, my younger guests were telling me how they only had 2 more tylenol left (out of 8!) My bridesmaid bags are from Lands End (Zip Top Canvas Tote Bags from Lands' End). They are the medium size with the zip top. A lady from Etsy (seller: JonahBonah) cut out their intials for me and I ironed them on. I also got my bridesmaid a matching wallet from an Etsy seller (BungleBearDesigns). My bridal party loved them and carried it all over HHI! Yeah! My other OOT bags are from Oriental Trading (Nautical Tote Bags). They were smaller than I thought they were going to be, but they were cute so I stuck with them. Here is the Welcome Packet that I put together. I have to Thank Melba for the template and Morgan for her "Meet the Guests" page. Everyone loved them! I printed them out, double sided and had them bound at Office Depot. It was pricey, but I was working against the clock so I was willing to pay anything to call it a day! I created them for Hilton Head Island but they can easily be converted to the destination of your choice! Enjoy and please PM me if you have any questions! welcome (BDW).ppt
  24. Cake- Sheri's Edible Designs - A Sheri@SherisEdibleDesigns.com Sheri's Edible Designs - Truly Unique Cake Art - Hilton Head Island, SC - Hilton Head Wedding Cakes Sheri is awesome! I was lucky and had Sherri make us 2 cakes! Yum! One cake was for the wedding and the other cake was for our rehearsal. She dropped off both cakes herself and both cakes were gorgeous! Sheri usually responded to your phone calls or emails that day or the next. She is very professional to deal with. She will ask you many questions to make sure that your vision and her vision are on the same page. I highly recommend her! Flowers- Lauri Leber - A lillysvalleyflorist@yahoo.com Lauri was wonderful! I am not a big flower girl, so I didn’t want to make a big fuss over my flowers. I wanted a bridal bouquet, 6 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 corsages for our mothers, and a bamboo arch. In my bouquets, I wanted them simple. I wanted a couple stems of the same flower. She saw my vision and ran with it. My flowers were perfect. I contacted Lauri 1 ½ weeks before my wedding and she didn’t hesitate to take my business. She really saved me! She was very professional and she responded to emails very quickly. I couldn’t have asked for a better bamboo arch, bouquets, or corsages! She was awesome to work with! Photography- Shelly Hutchinson - B shelly@hutchinsonphotography.net Shelly Hutchinson Photography ~ Weddings, Portraits, Life ~ Bluffton, South Carolina Shelly was a great professional to work with. She responded to emails quickly, usually within a couple hours or the next day. I met Shelly the day of the wedding and she was very nice. I also added another photographer to her wedding package to get 2 different perspectives of the wedding...I am glad that I made that choice! Shelly and Angela (the other photographer) had opposite personalities. Shelly was the Type A personality. She wanted to make sure everything was shot perfectly and that everyone was acting accordingly. For example, two of my bridesmaids were talking while getting lined up for the girls’ pics and she kind of scolded them and said something like, “Ladies, I am over here taking pictures...I need you to smile and look this way.†Angela was the Type B personality where she was really easy going and fun. She was taking pics of the groom and his side and you can tell from the photographs that they were having fun. During the wedding, I forgot that they were even there! So, they did a great job not making themselves known! After the wedding, they took a bunch of pics of my DH and I. Again, it was great having both of them because Angela got some great shots from different angles that we wouldn’t have with just one photographer. I am disappointed in the pictures of my DH and me by ourselves because it was so windy on the beach that my bangs were flying and it looked like I had those 80’s bangs! I know that is not their fault, but I wish they would have told me because I could have had tucked them behind my ear or borrowed my sister’s hair clip. So, now I don’t have any pics of the DH and I that I love where you can see our faces. That makes me very sad! As I look back at my pics, I regret that I didn’t get more fun pics taken with my bridal party. Shelly took pics of us inside waiting for the wedding to start. I was sad that I didn’t make her go kick the boys out from the beach area, so that we could have fun pics of us on the beautiful beach. Someone asked her for pics on the beach and she blew if off. I should have been more assertive, but the whole day was like a whirl wind. I am also a little put off by her because when I received my CD of the images from her, two files of pictures (about 60) were missing. I emailed her to let her know and she said that that was weird because they were on her computer. I was not upset, I just wanted to know how I was going to get the pics. So, she told me how to save them to my computer file at home from her website. That’s a great solution so that I can have the pics now, but I thought she would have offered to make me another CD with all the pics on it. So, I download 60 pics on to my computer on my own time and made myself another copy of all my wedding pics on a CD. Overall, Shelly and Angela worked very hard the day of the wedding! They were constantly taking pictures. We invited them to dinner and they ate their meals fast and then kept working. They were great! My biggest regret is not spending more money on photography. It is like everyone says, that is the memory you have of your wedding that will last. And to each his own, you may feel that photography is not all the important to you, so you don’t want to spend too much money. Personally, I love the art of photography and I personally felt like I didn’t get that. I had a hard time convincing DH to spend more money on photography, so we looked at the photographers within our budget and Shelly was the best! So, we got what we paid for. I just wish that I didn’t listen to him and chose the photographer that I really wanted. If I had done that, I wouldn’t have this feeling of disappointment with our pictures. (Just as an FYI...I would have gone with Tim Zielenbach Photograhy). Rehearsal Menu-Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill – A (843) 342-8808 This was a last minute decision! DH and I were catering in Mexican food for our Rehearsal Fiesta! We wanted to try out the two different places to see which place we liked best. Well, we tried Fiesta Fresh and didn’t even look at the other location. We were very happy with them! We made our order the day before the rehearsal and we told them when we would pick it up the following day. That had everything ready and waiting for us. It was delicious and all the guests raved about the food! Vendors that I almost used: Wedding Coordinator- Julie Miller Weddings - F I contacted Julie Miller Weddings about their services and they responded quickly. They were very sweet and really pushed for you to use them for the full time wedding service. I told them that I just needed their services to help find a location for my beach ceremony and reception and the day of services. They gave me a price and I told them that I would discuss it with DH and get back to them. Well, of course, DH said that we don’t need their services (let’s just call DH, Mr. Budget) and if I wanted to use them that this would mean that X amount is our new budget. So, I called the next day and left a message that I was interested in their services and that X amount is our budget. I never got a phone call or email back from them. Not very professional, ya think?! Flowers- Tracey from FreshCuts - F I contacted Tracey in the beginning of May to get a price quote of the flowers that I wanted for the wedding and if she had availability on my wedding day. She assured me that she did and that she would work on getting me a price quote when I sent her an idea of the flowers and the arch that I had wanted. I sent her pictures right away with flowers and the arch. Tracey was pretty slow at responding to emails...usually 4-5 days. She would finally respond...with no price quote and suggestions to add other flowers to my bouquets. (As previously mentioned, I just wanted simple bouquets with one type of flower). I mentioned this to her in the email (that I only wanted one type of flower) and told her I wanted bouquets just like the pics that I sent her. A couple days later, I get a response asking for the pics again. (What business person doesn’t keep records of the emails that their clients send them?) So, I resend her the pics again. She responds again, a few days later, and again suggests other flowers to add to the bouquet and still no price quote. She also suggested some centerpiece ideas. I inform her in am email of the one type of flower bouquet, that I am not interested in centerpieces, and that I still need a quote on the arch and flowers, and for the pics of the arches she has claimed to have created for other weddings. I didn’t hear from her in a couple of days, so I called. I asked her about the price quote for flowers, an idea of what the bamboo arch will look like, and if she can get my peonies that I wanted. She told me that she is working on it and that she will email me right away with my quote. Cut to June 4, 15 more days until my actual wedding. I finally get a quote. HOLY MOLY! I reply to her email and ask her: 1. Why has it taken so long to get a quote? 2. Why is the price so high for flowers and arch? 3. Where are the pics you have promised me of the other arches you have built? She responded within a few minutes of my email (Well, that’s a first! This is straight from the email...) Attached is my revised proposal reflecting individual pricing and comments. My pricing on the flowers you requested remains unchanged as well as the arbor rental. With such a narrow window, I would recommend you try another alternative that meets your price range. Thanks, Tracey Thanks for the advice, Tracey! I did choose another vendor who put my order together in less than one week. Lauri Leber from Lilly’s Valley Florist was awesome and I cannot recommend her enough! I hope this review helps some of you future HHI brides! Here is another great site for you also! Hilton Head Island Weddings :: Your Best Source of Local Wedding Information Good luck with your planning!
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