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    Originally Posted by Jacqueline View Post
    OMG I was thinking the same thing! She looks SO different, totally diff from when the show first started. She looks like a plata-puss. (spelling)
    I think Lauren probably bought the dress. Hope so.
    Ahaha! Platapuss(I don't know how to spell it either) is the perfect explanation of how Heidi looked! Hilarious!
    I figured Lauren probably just bought the dress. Hope she can still wear the shortened version at least. I don't know why I'm so concerned with her dress!embarrassed.gif

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    Originally Posted by becks View Post

    The other thing that bothered me throughout the story was: why the rape? It didn't seem that relevant to the story. The family never affirmatively knows - they don't have a body, there is no evidence to see, so there's no real connection to everything going on with them. Susie brings it up here and there, but not really in any significant way. I just struggle to see the point of having it there at all, except for shock factor. And if that was the purpose, I find it rather repugnant.
    I read that the author, Alice Sebold, was raped when she was in college. This could give us some insight as to why she added it to the story, but I agree that it wasn't necessary.

  3. Ok-so I just got done watching the show. I'm so happy that I can enjoy my guilty pleasure again! I loved the Paris scenes, I want to go! I think Heidi needs to wear some more makeup during the next episode! As if her fake lips and nose job weren't enough! Sorry, maybe that was a little harsh! Oh and what about that Alberta Ferretti dress that Lauren burned? Did she buy it?

  4. Overall I really enjoyed the book. I enjoyed Susie's view point from Heaven. Its nice to imagine that someone could be so connected with their family on Earth after death. My favorite part was definently when Mr. Harvey finally got what he deserved. I also liked the part when Susie came back through Ruth and got to be with Ray again. I didn't like that Susie's mother had an affair with Len and that she left her family for all those years I glad for the happy ending when her family accepted her back into their lives. Also I loved Grandma Lynn-she seems like she'd be a fun grandma!

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    Originally Posted by Saraha View Post
    Thats awesome you are training for 1/2 marathon. I was training for it and got up to 10.5 miles and thought my knee was going to fall off. So took two months off and now am going to try again. How are into it are you?

    I did an hour of personal training last night and thought I was going to die, now I cant move today!
    I am doing it in May but I haven't trained very long. I'm running 6 miles on my long runs right now but the distance goes up every week or two weeks. I'm running about 12-18 miles a week right now. You should try it again-if you could run 10.5 miles then you could go 13! Those personal trainers will kick your ass too though!
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