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  1. Hi Sandyroo, Paco charged us $150 an hour. We used him for 4 hours. We to, were going to bring an ipod & laptop but then I starting stressing about who will be running the music.... I didn't want to ask or inconvience my family or friends. They were there to celebrate & party...lol!!! AND I found out Dreams fee for speakers rental & set up. We just decided to hire a DJ. It worked out so much better. As for your ceremony, i recommend you hire a guitarist. That is what we did. Paco referred us to his friend Aidan Mijares who is a guitarist. He charged us $200 an hour (an hour is all you need). He'll play when your guest arrive, after the ceremony thru beginning of the cocktail hour. It was so romantic. ALL our guest was in aaawww... Aidan was amazing. It was worth it!! Dreams Entertaiment price list are pretty pricey. (TRIOS Band $450 an hour, Guitarist $325 or $350, Harpist & Guitarist $375... etc.) Hope this helps P.S. Below is Aidan picture
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    I'm a Newbie too!

    Hi Kelly, Welcome & Congrats!! Where is the wedding?
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    Table Seating

    I had 32 guest and I choose to have to the long table set up just because it was more intimate. We (the bride & groom) sat at the head table. My parents sat to my left. Best man & Maid of honor sat to the right. And everyone sat wherever they want. It was perfect because everyone got mingle during dinner. My guest didn't have to get up to go to the next table & the next....
  4. Hi Mia, Paco plays all kinds of music. From 70's, 80's, Disco, salsa, Rock & Roll, hip hop, R & B, R & B Classic, Meringue, Alternative, Slow Jams etc...... What's great about Paco is that he will send you a demo of music via email. Also, if you send him a list of music you'd like hear at your wedding. (i.e First dance, father & daughter dance, dinner reception, etc)... That would be helpful. Paco is a great guy, very easy to work with & very good on responding on emails. Cheers, Rhea
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    Dreams pics

    These pictures are making me even more depressed.... <sig> We just got back from Dreams last week... from renewing our vows. We are still in a depressed mode.... we wish we didn't have to come back to cold, snowy NJ 1st photo- The cascada terrace is where we had our reception... sniff sniff 2nd photo- the same table set up of our reception dinner but with chocolate bows... more sniff... You & your guest will have a great time. Congrats!!! Isn't Yessica the sweetest....
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome & Congrats
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    How to decide where to get married?

    Hi there, I'm from Central NJ. I agree with few of the ladies, Jamaica is the best way to go. Negril or Couples are nice. You are lucky your MIL will even gets on a plane for a 4 hour flight..... My MIL REFUSED to get on a plane period... so to accomodate her we had a civil wedding then we renewed our vows in Dreams, Los Cabos Mexico Nov. 29th 2007. It worked out great because i am originally from California. The rest of my family & friends met us in sunny Los Cabos, Mexico instead of flying 6 hours to cold, snowy NJ.... [/img]
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    My planning stinks!!

    Welcome & Congrats!!! Memorial weekend is high season for airfare. My husband & I initially planned on getting married sometime in May but with the air fare & hotel rates being so high we decided to get married off-season. But then we couldn't decide where to have the wedding. Then.... we went to Dreams Los Cabos on vacation and we fell in love. We got married Nov. 29th, 2007. I highly the recommend Dreams Los Cabos, MX. It's a 6 star hotel & all inclusive. The best way to go!!! Their wedding package is reasonable. The weather in November is 80 degrees everyday. We couldn't asked for a perfect day everyday. We had about 35 guest and girl.... they all had a blast! If you have any questions, please let me know. Good luck in your planning Cheers [/img]
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    I am new

    Welcome & Congrats. I know exactly how yo feel when I was planning my wedding in Cabo But it will all work out once you arrive. Just make sure you voice out your needs to the wedding planner via email & she gets back to you. If you have any questions, please free to ask. ' alt='a>'>
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    I'm a newbie too!

    Welcome and congrats!! I myself is a newbie.
  11. Another way to go is look into renting timeshares. That is what we did in Dreams, which saved us tons of money. We paid for the rental fee for 7 days of $150 + $50 a day (x2) for the all inclusive. So for 8 days 7 nights we paid total of $750, plus our airfare for $300 pp. I recommended to a few of our guest and it worked our perfect. They saved 1/2 the price of their trip. If you need more information about renting time share, please let me know.
  12. Hi All, If anyone is looking for a DJ for their wedding. I highly recommend Franciso (Paco) Davila. He did an awesome job at my wedding. He showed up on time and was very professional. He was very good on getting back to me on any questions I had via email. You can also find him at Mango Deck Restaurant. His price was very reasonable and he even referred me to a guitarist name Aidan Mijares who did a awesome job at the ceremony. Aidan Mijares only charges $200 for an hour vs. DREAMS charges $350 & up for guitarist or TRIOS Band. So we save a few bucks. To contact Franciso Davila, please email at mister_davila@hotmail.com. Cheers Rhea
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    Thank you all for your warm welcome!!! I can't believe there is a lot of Dreams wedding coming up next year. How exciting!!! I promise you will not be disappointed. Dreams- Los Cabos is an amazing place. The people are so nice. The best place to be after 10PM is at the lobby... Shout out to Pepe (our bartender) He is the man!!! The wedding coordinator Yessica Garcia is the sweetest. I had a few glitches but everyhting turned out perfect on my wedding day. [/img] ' alt='a>'>
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    Thank you! Yes I do have pictures. I am still working on learning how to upload to the forum.. lol!!! I am so lost hahhahahaha If you can help me that would be great!
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    Hello Ladies, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Rhea, 32. My husband & I recently renewed our marriage vows in Dreams, Los Cabos on November 29, 2007. We had an amazing time. The wedding was perfect!!! Now we are back to reality..... in blistering cold NJ. I look forward to meeting you all. Cheers, Rhea