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  1. Exactly. The priest needs to see if any notes were made on a newly issued one that says you've been married before, etc. Quote: Originally Posted by EmenGeeRoxx "You must have a CURRENT and original copy of your Baptism certificate. By current, I mean, it can not be the copy that your mom has from the day you were baptized." Original and current meaning they will issue you a brand new one?
  2. Hi! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! We did not have Fr. Quinn...we were assigned Fr. Jorge so didn't have a choice. It didn't matter tho, I had heard Fr. Q was realllly dry and unemotional.
  3. Congratulations to you Deb on your engagement and upcoming wedding, how exciting! It was such a wonderful time for me so I'm happy to hear you are now experiencing it, it will be great! So you are also getting married by Fr. J . Yeah, I was perplexed by some of the things that ocurred....we were only about 5-10 mins late due to the van breaking down (and my wedding coordinator was there at the church telling him why we were late, but I guess the reason didn't matter much), so I'm not sure why he seemed a bit bothered. We had a fairly short ceremony too (we omitted the homily and intercessions, and the bringing up of the gifts-they were already there at the altar) so it's not like we spilled over an hour. But honestly I think that is just his personality. He's kinda dry and monotone, but I had expected that from the other brides I talked to before we got married. Even though we gave him a detailed program of what we wanted in English/Spanish and the order of the songs, he still messed up about 2-3 times. But honestly this didn't take away from the beauty of the ceremony for us. The violinist we worked with really knew his catholic ceremony so helped to "cover up" some of the mistakes the priest made. I think, because I knew the program inside out, only knew of the flub ups. My family said they didn't even realize because they were enjoying the ceremony and the view so much. One thing though that we all cracked up about was the asst running up to the altar for us to sign the papers when we thought we were getting ready to kiss. We laugh about it still now and how we kissed on our own, but again we were on such a high that day that it wasn't such an issue for us. The chapel is amazing (are you getting married there, or in the main larger church in town?) with the view of the sea, we couldn't have gotten married in a better place! I think you'll be just fine Deb, honestly. When I was in your position I had read reviews of the priests and was als worried, but after chatting with a few brides I felt better and knew what to expect, and in the end we were really happy! Who is helping you coordinate your wedding and where are you having your celebration afterward? Do you have a lot of guests coming? Good luck with everything and feel free to PM me anytime if you need more info or have more questions!!! Susan Quote: Originally Posted by time4d Hi! First off I just want to congratulate you on your wedding! I loved the pic with the fruit and the b/w with the blue ocean, I hope what ever photographer I pick can create some pics like that for me. I also loved your flowers. I am also getting married in Playa del Carmen, by Father Jorge too! So now you have me a bit concerned. You say he seem bothered at first because you were late, how late were you to the ceremony? Did you have a full Catholic Mass or shortened version? I'm just wondering how did he get confused or off track. And about him just disappearing wow, that's weird. He didn't even announce you two as Mr. & Mrs Overall, I'm glad everything turned out well for you two. Deb
  4. Thanks for the pictures! I went there back in 96 and fell in love with it, your photos brought back lots of memories and I'm so glad you had a blast!!! Congrats on your wedding!!!
  5. Welcome! I had my wedding in Playa at a catholic chapel...I loved Playa and think you picked a great place to get married. Congratulations!!!!
  6. Everything looks FANTASTIC Maura! I can't wait to see your pics! From one catholic bride to another, enjoy the sacrament of marriage! I have to say there is something really special about having a catholic ceremony in Mexico...it's an awesome experience . Felicidades, have fun and savor every moment! Susan p.s. Hey I married a Jose too !
  7. I loaded some pics onto Photobucket, let me know if this works (and thank you for your patience ...
  8. Thanks for letting me know! Oh too bad, and here I thought it was ok now! Let me try something else...give me a few....
  9. can you see these bigger pics from Kodak gallery? I can see them but wanted to make sure you can before I add more - thanks!!!!
  10. I deleted these pics since they did not show either....keep scrolling down for the real pics!
  11. I'm deleting this msg since the pics I posted on here did not come out ....see below for the pics!
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