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  1. We're not having any either, just a small group of family as witnesses! Thats the way we wanted it so do what you feel is right.
  2. Thanks a lot for the information, i can't believe we have less than a month until we leave! I am gonna need all of the info i can get.
  3. leslie

    Wedding Packages at the ROR

    We are going with the Royal Wedding Package!
  4. leslie

    Irrational fears?

    Yes, this is the e-mail that i have been using to communicate with chandlyn- weddings.ori@riu.com and on both occasions i didn't get a response until saturday morning(roughly a week after i e-mailed her)
  5. leslie

    New Jamaica Brider

    Welcome to the site!
  6. leslie

    SeaGrape Reception Anyone???

    Quote: Originally Posted by MoWife Seagrape costs $10.00 per person for open bar. For entertainment, we just used our i-Pod and speakers and it worked out great. We were there for our Welcome Party the night before the wedding from 8-10pm. Not too many other people came down on the beach where we were. We hung a big banner that said Mo and Tim Welcome You To Jamaica so I think the few people that were down on the beach realized it was a private party and just kept on walking. Thanks Mo! I think we'll do that after our reception dinner instead of the disco.
  7. leslie

    SeaGrape Reception Anyone???

    Quote: Originally Posted by junebride2b I booked it for my after dinner reception. So that we can dance and hang out but not eat? Thats sounds great, we were looking for an option like that other than the disco but haven't found much info...how much is it to reserve seagrape and are you booking any dj's or live music there? Thanks for any info!
  8. We are going through the same dilemma...Since we are staying two weeks we are leaning towards the jr. suite(hoping for the upgrade to full suite) for the first week and then switching to the jacuzzi suite for the second week! If you feel its worth it then go for it!!!
  9. leslie

    Wedding in a crisis

    We never received a confirmation number either, but i did get it confirmed and even changed from the original 2:00 to 4:00p.m. time slot...Here is the contact info for Riu Jamaica Weddings, just send an e-mail with your names, date and resort to this address and you should hear back soon(We got an answer in less than 1 day) Good Luck! Valeria Munguía Weddings Sales Coordinator Ocho Rios & Negril, Jamaica Weddings By Riu America's Division Email: weddings05@riu.com
  10. Did anyone have their reception or see a reception at the Mammee Bay Steakhouse? That's where we're having the reception for our small group of 15 ppl. Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  11. UPDATED LIST October 2007 Brides JerzzyGirl - wedding October 12, 2007 - had a GREAT time! November 2007 Brides Maureen/Mo: wedding November 9, 2007; there from November 3-13th December 2007 Brides Cali/CaliaA07: wedding December 18, 2007 There Dec. 14-21 January 2008 Brides Becky: wedding January 23; there 1/19 - 1/26 Becky (bex1975): wedding Jan 26; there 1/23-2/1 Cherie: wedding January 17th, there January 12th-26th February 2008 Brides Janelle (Jmhein): wedding February 12, there 2/9 - 2/16 JamaicaBride08: wedding Feb 8th, there 2/3-2/10 Therese (chicago88 ): wedding Feb 15th Natasha (pouchie) wedding Feb 7th March 2008 Brides Carolena7: Wedding on March 8th, there from 3/5 – 3/12 Anna: Wedding on 14th March, there from 6th March - 21st March Octavia: March 15, dates there 3/12-3/19 Kimmykatbride: March 26, 2008-there from 22-29, then in Negril for 1 week April 2008 Brides Heidi: wedding on April 4; there from 4/1-4/8 Jen (J&M): wedding on April 9 Jocelyn: wedding on April 10; there from 4/5-4/12 yboone98: wedding on April 11; there 4/9-1/13 Mandie (pook2b) wedding on April 11; there from 4/8 - 4/22 Amanda: wedding on April 17; there from 4/12-4/19 May 2008 Brides md_ocr: wedding on May 10 leslie: wedding day on May 14th; there May 10th-24th Lizz: wedding on May 16; there from May 10-19 Jenn08: wedding on May 23, there from 19-26 Davina: wedding on May 29; there from May 26-June 1 June 2008 Brides FutureMrsButler08: wedding on June 14 JuneBride2B: wedding on June 14 July 2008 Brides Brittney: Wedding on July 12; there from July 9-14 MrsInTraining: wedding on July 19; there from July 16-23 RiuBride2B: wedding on July 26; there from July 23-28 November 2008 Brides GeminiLibra: wedding on November 15
  12. leslie

    Prices in Riu Ocho Rios

    We are getting married on Wed. May 14th! Can't wait!
  13. leslie

    Prices in Riu Ocho Rios

    Hello everyone, We will be at Riu from May 10th-May 24th 2008. Our guest will be there from May 10th-17th. Our guests prices for 7 nights are as follows: Standard Room for 2 Adults-$2930(airfare from Philly, taxes, trip insurance and private transport included) Standard Room for 2 Adults and 1 Child-$3811 Just want to thank everyone for the helpful information, this site is the best!!!
  14. leslie

    Newbie-future ROR Bride!!!

    Hello eveyone, glad to be a part of such a fantastic site! There is soooo much info here i don't even know where to start.