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  1. who can say....? generally sept and oct among the hottest months here so rain can be expected at some point ....but you never know nowadays when it might shower.
  2. I play with Tomas on a regular basis and can say he is one of the best violinists here in cabos....originally from Poland, but has lived in Mexico for many years so he knows a lot of international music as well as standard wedding music... Daryl
  3. well, I hear Jennifer H is great, so is Peter Straub from Swiss Bakery,
  4. Edith's is a great restaurant with a great ambience BUT you might want to know that if there is a band playing at the hotel next door on saturday nights it will be quite loud at Ediths since it is just below...
  5. hi Patti...Yes I'm from cabo...I play a lot with violetta (above post) guitar/piano and violin when I'm not playing solo...as for other guitarists I can name a couple of good classical players...Alonso (mentioned above) is one, Fransisco a la Torre, David Flores , and there are others but I don't know I'm not sure how much wedding work they do...as for singing guitarists, there is Mijares...he is good and well rounded (musically speaking of course) sorry Adan...:-) and myself ...don't know of any others Id like to mention really...
  6. there are a couple , maybe 3 guitarists around that do wedding work...and some that sing als for an added touch...good luck!
  7. how about for any of you who are doctors/surgeons/nurses written in drunk-funny zig-zaggy letter... " Well..., me , I'd rather have a Bottle In Front of Me than a Frontal Lobotomy"
  8. welcome fellow canucks and congrats!
  9. welcome fellow canucks and congrats !
  10. how about ONE TEQUILA... TWO TEQUILA ...THREE TEQUILA... .. FLOOR!!! and I still laugh out loud when I think of this one... its a play on Dunkin Do-Nuts ...Funk n' Go-Nuts![/size]
  11. there are a lot to choose from but you might try Illeana and Luba from Romantic Cabo Weddings...they are also one of the top wedding coordination companies around , VERY attentive and incredibly DETAILED!! ... romanticcabowedding.com/
  12. hi Misha here is Marco's email....let me know if you can't reach him for any reason... Daryl marcosmilagres@ig.com.br
  13. I know a some great musicians in Vallarta , they used to live here in los cabos.. Marcos (plays bass) and his wife katia, they are Brazilian and are well connected in Vallarta for doing events and weddings....let me know and if you want i can send you his email.... Daryl Currie
  14. Communication is always a Two-Way street. Illeana and Luba have a solid grasp of english and are ALWAYS on top of EVERYTHING...especially when it comes down to details and quick responses. As vendors , we've only had GREAT results working with Romantic Cabo Weddings and never have to ask twice or question anything ...They are very much ON Top and in control of their game.
  15. just to let you know that if you need a guitarist or guitar/flute or guitar and violin, or any other musical instrument I can help you out...thanks,... Daryl
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