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  1. Hi I'm from NYC does anyone know when is peak and off peak season for Cabos i don't want my guest to pay $800 for airfare alone..
  2. Hi well here is some places you can get the material if you want to make one. i was thinking of the same thing, but i don't think i can carry all that to cabos and no direct flight for me branches Blooms and Branches Nettleton Hollow / Decorative Branches and other Lasting Botanical Material glass prism 12MM CRYSTAL GLASS BEAD CHANDELIER LIGHTING LAMP PRISM - (eBay item 180183924859 end time Nov-26-07 16:50:19 PST) Chandelier crystals, chandelier crystal prisms, chandelier prism, sun catcher crystal prisms, crystal wedding tree
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by JPMO Below are my tables: I did a mix of round and rectangular for the guests. Linens, wicker chargers, and cylinder centerpieces were rented from Sunset Weddings All items with the exception of the chargers can also be rented through Fun and Motivation, although slightly different Hi i love everything about your wedding. its beautiful. did you use a outside WC or you did everything yourself?
  4. thank you for the info i think i'm leaning towards having my wedding at dreams too so the hair and make up is from dreams or found by your wc?
  5. Hi Ladies i was wondering if i should use the WC from hotel or hire someone from outside? im also worry about the hair and make up? dreams or sheraton...still undecide..both are so beautiful
  6. emily

    Destination Bride to be

    Hi Everyone This is a really helpful site, i'm been looking thru everyone post, and i think i narrow it down to Cabos dreams or sheraton