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  1. Can You Post Pictures Of The Daisies?
  2. Do You Think They Have Decorations That Can Be Bought In The Marke?
  3. Very Nice. I Love How You Strung The Flowers. Can't Wait To See More. Best Wishes To You.
  4. You Look Beautiful!! Who Ever Took Your Pictures Did A Great Job. Is That Disco Ball In The Club? How Was The Club/disco ? Iam So Excited For You Both. Can't Wait To See & Hear More.
  5. I'll Be Waiting As Patient As I Can. Smile :-)
  6. I Am Sorry Things Did Not Turn Out The Way You Expected. I Must Say You Had A Great Attitude About It All, You Look Lovely As Does Your Cake. Best Wishes To You Both.
  7. If You Don't Mind... How Much Are Spending On The Gift Certificate For The Spa, I Would Love To Do That.
  8. I Found Beach Towels At Walmart For $3.97. A Great Price. Even Better Were The Colors Because They Are Tropical. Ie.. Orange Trimmed In Pink. Yellow Trimmed In Blue. There Were 4 Different Varieties. Check Them Out Or Go One Line. Good Luck!!!
  9. Wow They Are Really Nice. I Am Going To Check Out The Website For More Ideas. Thanks
  10. Congrats!! I Am So Excited For You. Did You Have Music Walking Down The Aisle?
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