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  1. I got my hair done at the salon, as did most of my family. Just be aware there is no Barbacide and they use the same tools on everyone. My hair was Ok, but I'm not sure if it was worth it. They use the straightening iron to curl your hair and I have fine hair and they burnt my hair, about 4 inches on the ends of my hair had to be cut off when I got home. I don't want to freak you out but just thought I'd put this out there.
  2. Anyone in your party can eat anywhere, if they can get the booking. I'm not exaggerating, look over the menus to see what you like and start booking your dinners. You and your husband can do whatever you want but your guests will only get 3 or 4 depending on the package you got with your TA.
  3. Yes I am a pack rat and still have the catalogue. I chose one with white lilies and red roses (matched my dress), but it had daisies in it and I got them switched out for tiny white irises. It looked great. What's your email? I'll send you the catalogues, not that Yuritzia will pay attention until you get there, but I understand, it is SUPER hard not to do anything. I think having a no-stress wedding is sometimes more stressful
  4. The resorts do not advertise this, but Brides and Grooms are given Gold bracelets, my family all were "Gold class" but got yellow bracelets. As it was explained to us, actual gold bracelets are VIP. They do not keep track of your a la cartes. My husband and I ate at a restaurant every night (after we figured this out). Book your a la cartes ASAP!! They book up so quick. Our favs were Mikado (Japanese) and Don Pablo (amazing gourmet).
  5. Just noticed... Corvette79 is getting married on my birthday next year! Good day
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Corvette79 Ladies has anyone had any luck communicating with Yuritzia I emailed her 1 week ago to confirm that we are doing the poolside DJ dancing and cocktail thing and no response! I dont want someone else to take the option too then it will be a problem! GRRRRR p.s. i actually copied Paloma on the email too LOL, my coordinator was Yuritzia and she drove me NUTS! You will not hear from her until a month or so before your wedding. She'd send me things like menus and flower catalogs but that was it. I think in the year and a half I "dealt" with her I got 3 emails. When I did pick out my flowers, when I got there to meet her and plan, she brought out the flower catalog and asked me what flowers I wanted, I said, didn't you read the email? she said "kind of"... The flowers were beautiful and they did a custom bouquet for me with no probs. It is so hard, but if you can just relax and go with it, things turn out great. Just don't plan on planning anything until you get there.
  7. I know it is totally frustrating, nothing is settled until you get there. However, if you just "go with it" things will turn out great. (trust me this is not easy, I nearly needed medication to do so, lol). Something to keep in mind though, our wedding was at 4, dinner at 5:30 (ended up being 6 as the restaurant wasn't "ready" for us). So we ate our cake quickly as we wanted sunset pictures. The sun starts setting around 6:45 and by 7:30 it's pretty dark. Just something to keep in mind, depending on the types of pics you want.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by RyanAmanda Okay, I just got another question! My 13 year old cousin is coming and she's just going to DIE being away from her boyfriend for the week...lol. Her mom banned her from bringing her phone (so she doesn't get a thousand dollar bill) so she asked about internet - does anyone know how much it costs to use the internet in the lobby? And is it charged to the room or does she need to bring pesos/american dollars for it? Ah to be a teenager again, lol. If you have the Golden package (which you will because you're getting married there) you'll have access to the Golden Club House, (not sure where it is on the Tulum side, we were at the Akumal) and they have free internet access there. Also, in the lobby they'll sell phone cards for $10-$20 you can use at the lobby phones so she could talk to him.
  9. We stayed at the Akumal site and it was great, the Coba side looked like it could suck as there are rooms overlooking the highway! We were there for 2 weeks and explored the resort quite a bit and we preferred the Akumal side but it's all up to what kind of vacation you're looking for. Our rooms were right on the beach (villa 66) it was amazing to listen to the waves at night. The mini-bar thing is funny... we NEVER had a problem, as we left a dollar in the fridge everyday, we took the 2 water bottles off the counter and put them out of site so we had a little surplus going on. PS- those who didn't tip didn't have this kind of attentiveness. Oh in the fridge they stock cans of the Dos XX and they won't give you more than 4 cans (or so it seemed) at a time. At Akumal the Snack Bar is open 24 hours and you can get drinks there, Miami Vices were our fav. (half pina colada half strawberry daiquiri) Mango daiquiris were great too. If you stay at Akumal, for breakfast and lunch go to the front seating hall and find a waiter named Ricardo, trust me he works his butt off and really enjoys his job. Just bring lots of small bills for tipping, we left $2 for the maid, $1 for the fridge guy, and gave $1/per person sitting at the table to waiters (if you leave it on the table it is split amongst all, given directly to them they keep it, which after hard work we made sure to directly give it to the person) You'll also need tips for bus drivers, tour guides, etc. it is a service industry even though it is all inclusive, people will really go the extra mile for just a couple bucks. That's all I can think about right now, but anything else ask away. OHHHHH- make sure you get ANY agreement with a photographer IN WRITING, I had a friend take our pics but we watched one family in a huge fight as the guy upped the price upon delivery and then blamed it on miscommunication/ language.... just a heads up.
  10. If you are at the Akumal your choices are the Dolce Vita and Frutos del Mar. We've eaten at both (our wedding dinner was at Dolce and was awesome). They look similar, but we weren't as impressed by the food at the seafood place. At Dolce we had the Salmon and Chicken paramasean. The salmon was fabulous, the chicken was ok. Feel free to ask anything, we're having a great time!
  11. Hi there I'm at the Bahia right now, and will be here for a few days yet...if you would like me to snap some shots I can, let me know your restaurant choices and I'll try to help you out the best I can. Our wedding was fabulous!
  12. Never mind, googled it, neat idea. Are you using different colours of sand? Or just sand from the beach? As for my music, we have no wedding party, it's just the two of us so I think I'll only need 3 or 4, it's just a matter of deciding on songs, any one have any suggestions?
  13. Hi there, just about to burn a CD but I'm not sure how many songs I need. Is one enough for people to sit? We have a small group. How many songs am I going to need? I was thinking 3 - 1 for guests and groom, 1 for me to walk, and 1 for us together... am I forgetting anything?
  14. Thanks for the tip about emailing Poloma, Yuritzia was back to me quickly after that, lol. Does anyone have any tips on what villas to request? I tried looking at the map but until you've been there it doesn't really have any relevance.