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    Breezes vs Riu

    Thanks ladies! I am looking into both because they are both in my price range. We want an all inclusive resort but dont want our guests to spend a fortune. I am going to see if the date is even available...that will play a HUGE role at this point. I am looking at 8/8/08 or 8/9/08. Wish me luck I will be back on to let you know what happened.
  2. destaney22

    Breezes vs Riu

    Hello Ladies!!! I am still on this! I need to make my decision this week and I just cant do it!!! I dont feel like I have enough info on Breezes!!!!!! I want someone to just TELL me what to do!!!! I am looking at RIU in Ochos Rios and breezes in Runaway bay. Thank you to everyone who already gave me some advise but I need MORE!!!! I have until Monday that is my deadline! So
  3. destaney22

    So excited to have found this site!!

    HELLO!!! I MIGHT be getting married there too...if I can ever make up my mind! When did you book your date?
  4. you can be my inspiration!!!! You look so good! How long did it take you and what are you doing??
  5. Thanks Mo the review was awesome but I have more ? now!!!!! Maybe you could help or maybe someone else knows these answers too! I am deciding between Breezes in runaway bay or The Riu OR? I am leaning toward ROR. I guess after reading the review it seems that I will actually end up spending way more money then I hoped for. What did the Royal wedding set up consist of? Did you feel that you needed to add on to the set up? The flowers....well I really didnt want to spend too much for them. What does the bouquet look like that come with the package? Are there many choices or do you recommend adding on to it? How much was it to add the rum punch and the steel band? Photos....Do you pick your photographer? What was the wedding cake like? Did you add lots of extras to your reception? What are your choices in restaurants? Can you send or post some pictures?? How much did you spend on the fans? Thank you so much in advance! If anyone has any input please let me know I am just starting this whole process and I am totally confused!!!!!
  6. WOW....that is so crazy! I feel so bad for you! Something needs to be done I hope you get some compensation for your troubles. I was thinking of getting married at RIU ochos rios or Negril. I wonder if that is any better!? Hmmmmmm!
  7. destaney22

    Anyone getting married at breezes?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post to this board!!! I need sooooo many questions answered!!!