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  1. You look stunning! You and your new hubby look so happy together - big congrats! We fly out to Azul Beach 3 weeks today and get married on he 29th - getting really excited! Any tips? xxx
  2. Saraece - hehehe - that would be funny! They could go on little dates haha! My oldest son turns 4 on holiday though, so he is maybe a little old for your daughter!!!! HAHAHA! Lyn
  3. Hi just a quick non-wedding related questions - but thought some of you ladies would know! My sons will be 3 and 1 when we travel so both will be drinking full fat milk (we stay in the UK so it is cows milk) - can anyone advise me of the full fat milk available in the RM - is it cows/goats etc and is is pasturised and therefore safe for my kids to drink? Tanks, Lyn xxx
  4. So does 'consent' in this link mean 'signing the paperwork'? This is not mentioned! Thanks, Lyn
  5. Hi can anyone tell me the order that things happen in during the civil ceremony? Are you pronounced husband and wife and THEN go and sign papers or does this happen first? Don't want to leave up the aisle too early hehe!!! (and then be called back because we forgot to sign haha) Lyn x
  6. Hi Slayguy - I also have this problem - Travel Agent has told us we need different documentation to what the Wedding Co-ordinator at the hotel is telling us (I am getting married at the Azul in July). Seems to vary between different hotels and different judges and different areas! Have you tried contacting anyone who is getting married/or has been married at your chosen hotel for advise. Otherwise I would go with what the Wedding Co-ordinator at the hotel says as they carry out weddings everyday!!! Lyn x
  7. opps! - sorry Ann - new to this - just sent a PM - thank you xxx
  8. Hi Raeka, I saw your dress (second choice white dress not the one you picked!) I was hoping you would tell me who the designer is and the name of the dress - I have a pic of the model in it and also yourself hehe - but don't know anything about it! It would be great if you could let me know so I know what i am asking to try on! Thank You, Lyn x
  9. Thank you for your quick response - I think I will e-mail WC and see if we could negotiate a pass for the whole day. The passes are for my parents so kind of a big deal!! Thanks, Lyn x
  10. Hi, we are getting married at the Azul and have family travelling to our hotel for our wedding day. Just wondering how strict the 8hr wedding day pass is? We are hopefully getting married at about 4pm so want guests to arrive at 3pm this would mean they could stay until 11pm. However I don't want them to have to suddenly up and leave because they are told to. Just wondering if anyone knows how this works? Thanks, Lyn x
  11. Hi I am getting married at the Azul Hotel next July - any hints, tips or suggestions from anyone who has been married here would be greatly recieved!!! Thank You, Lynxxx
  12. HI, hoping someone could answer some of my questions! We are having a small wedding at the Azul next July with only immediate family in attendance so the photographs and dvd are quite important for me to show friends back home. We have booked the Gold wedding package at the hotel - which gives us 36 pictures - *Do I get more than this to select the 36 pictures I want from? *What if I want to buy more pictures after the 36 - will they just give me a price for each individual picture? *Can I give the photographer a list of 'group' pictures that I want - for example Bride and Dad, Groom and Brother, Bride and Groom etc and suggest places I would like the pictures taken? *Does the supplied DVD play in the UK? *Can you choose/take your own music to play through the DVD? Thanks, Lyn
  13. Hi I am getting married at the Azul Hotel next July. The Travel Agent has told us to get our birth certificates translated to Spanish/ certified/ legalised etc in the UK to take with us - however the co-ordinator at the hotel who I have been e-mailing direct says all we need is passports and Tourists Cards! Don't want to turn up without the correct documentation!!! Is anyone able to confirm this for me who has been married/getting married at this hotel? Neither of us has been married before or adopted or had different names at anytime or anything like that! Thanks, Lyn
  14. Hi, I have just read a previous thread regarding the wedding certificate being issued in Spanish - the lady in the thread said to just ask for an English translation. So, should I tell the wedding co-ordinator via e-mail just now before travelling that I am going to require an English translation in order to change my name etc, and know what it actually says haha or wait until I arrive and ask when I am presented with a spanish certificate! Surelly that is what I am paying all the money for the wedding for. Thanks, Lyn
  15. Are you having quite a big wedding at the resort? At the moment it is close family who are travelling with us from the UK. Have you been to the Azul before? We have two little boys and the hotel seems quite personal and family friendly! The reviews all seem very positive! Are you having your wedding on the beach or in the gazebo? Best Wishes, Lyn x
  16. Hey we just booked our wedding at the Azul yesterday - very excited! We are getting married on 29th July 2008! Congratulations on your own upcoming wedding! Lyn x
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