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    Moon Palace ~ Cancun

    How many can they seat on the terrace for a dinner?
  2. grantra1

    Moon Palace ~ Cancun

    thanks - I've gotten a proposal but didn't know the menus. Are there really no additional charges for private functions?
  3. Has anyone done a price comparison to Palace vs Dreams? I'm waiting on a quote from Dreams, buy Palace's proposal didn't include an extra fee for the reception dinner, which is a big savings $$$$
  4. grantra1

    Dreams Cancun

    thanks. the attachments are great, but I'm having trouble getting enough points to open them. if anyone wants to send me menus or pricing for dreams cancun I'd appreciate it. law03girl@yahoo.com
  5. grantra1

    Any Calorie Counters?

    thanks - I agree with counting calories in vs calories out
  6. thanks - I'm sure this info will be helpful
  7. I would love to see your pics, but I don't seem to have enough points. my email is law03girl@yahoo.com if you wouldn't mind sharing. I'm particularly interested to see if you had a bridal party and how you arranged everyone in/near the wedding gazebo. thanks! RG
  8. grantra1

    Newbie Cancun bride as well

    welcome. I am new to this as well RG
  9. I'm hoping to have my wedding at Dreams cancun, but have been waiting for price quote for some time. I plan to have between 100-150 guests and would like a private reception. Does Dreams charge for the reception? What are the range of fees for the reception? Also, I'm concerned about the adult pool being by the wedding gazebo - were people hanging out in their bathing suits in the background of your pictures?
  10. grantra1

    Cancun Wedding

    Hi, I am looking to get married in Cancun, Isla Mujeres, or the Riviera Maya area of Mexico. I was looking for a small all inclusive hotel (approx. 50 rooms) that I could entirely rent out. I want to be married overlooking the ocean, but don't want to deal with the sand in a beach wedding. I've been avoiding mega resorts, but the wedding gazebo location of Dreams Cancun looks almost perfect (not a fan of the adult pool nearby). Anybody know of any other gazebos or grassy areas overlooking the ocean that are private (don't want people hanging out in their bathing suits and watching my wedding). thanks! RG