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  1. Hi Dana, Congrats on your engagement! I know flights on Delta are all non-stop, even to Cancun so you've got a lot of options. Enjoy the forum, I know you'll get a lot of info! Shannon
  2. Congratulations! Paris is a fantastic city. Shannon Steeves Photography shannon@steevesphotography.com 941.375.3519
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by march1508 hello ladies.. can anyone help? does anyone live in nyc within the 5 boroughs? My fh and I didnt take engagement photos, but I am thinking that now I wanna take them.. our wedding is march 08.I know its kind of late, but I really wanna use the photos and have a guest book created.. on each page there will be pictures of him and I so that they can view while signing the book..i saw it at a wedding that we attended and loved the idea.. can u recommend any place that u might have gone to or a friend? thanks so much.. octavia We'll be in NYC in early Feb. doing an engagement session with another couple. We're doing their shoot in Soho since they want to get street life/cafes in there. But the park is always beautiful for engagement shoots. Shannon Steeves Steeves Photography shannon@steevesphotography.com
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by CarrieRN Hi everyone, My fh and just started planning for our dw in Riviera Maya. I live in Pittsburgh and just discovered this forum. Tons of great info here. Dave and I are planning on Nov 6-13, 2008 with our wedding being on Nov 7, 2008. I'm trying to get everything done early so I have less to worry about. Carrie Hi Carrie, Congrats! Have fun planning. Shannon
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.B 2008 We are considering Carambola Beach Resort - Home - St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands for our wedding - has anyone been there or heard anything about it? so far - i know that John Rockefeller built Carambola and Caneel Bay (St. John) as family retreats and that Caneel Bay was bought by Rosewood Hotels and maintained and is 5 Star. Carambola apparently fell to the wasteside a bit and a new owner came in last year with $20Million and started extensive renovations. It looks pretty great and sounds even better from my conversations with them but if any of you ladies have any info it is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Alyssa I know Carambola is a nice resort. We were on St. Croix several months ago and they were completing renovations. We were doing a wedding at The Buccaneer Resort St Croix Hotels, Virgin Island Hotels- Luxury Rooms and Suites at The Buccaneer Resort Hotel and they did a great job for our couple. We were very impressed how nice the property was & how nice the staff was to everyone. Good luck deciding!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by USMC_Wife2Be Anyone know of any good and reasonably priced photographers in the Florida /Keys area? I currently have one booked that is traveling from Ohio. But there is a family illness that just came up and it may force him to back out. He's a great friend so I understand the situation, but now I'm looking around like nuts. Does anyone have any ideas? We're in Florida & would be able to help you out if you still need it.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by robindepaula Key West weddings, receptions & honeymoons - Ocean Key Wedding Resort, FL Key West Audubon House and Gardens, Weddings, Tour, Shop, Audubon Prints, Group Tours - key west florida These are two that caught my eye . . . The Keys seems like a great location for a state-side wedding!!! Happy planning! Robin If you're still looking for a location, I also recommend checking out the Hyatt. http://keywest.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotel...ings/index.jsp butI agree with Robin regarding the Ocean Key Resort. They are right at Duvall St., Old Town & the pier. Key West weddings, receptions & honeymoons - Ocean Key Wedding Resort, FL Good Luck! Shannon Steeves Photography shannon@steevesphotography.com 941.375.3519
  8. Hi everybody! Just wanted to introduce myself and say congrats to all the brides. We're destination wedding photographers based out of Florida. We've shot weddings internationally for the past year and love working with brides. Please check us out & if you have any questions on certain venues feel free to ask. We've worked with some great resorts & private estates. Have fun!
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