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    Anyone working with....

    Hello ladies, i was wondering if any of you all are working with the company A Hawaii Wedding on Oahu or have you heard of them? If you have do you have any reviews, suggestions, or advice? TIA!!!!
  2. Since for the most part everyone is coming on different days, everyone will be there for the welcome dinner, which is the night before the wedding. So, I will be giving them out at the dinner, hope this is okay, even if they don't get time to use everything, they can take it all home and use it there!!!!
  3. hunnyke

    How much money?

    Hello, I was wondering for anyone that has been to Hawaii or lived there; if they can tell me about how much do I need to budget for food and drinks, We will be spending 5 days on Oahu and 5 days on Maui or Kauai and would like to have some sort of idea on how much we will spend on food, which will include a nice dinner every night. Any help would be great, Thank you.
  4. hunnyke

    Maui or Kauai?

    I need some advice ladies!! I am getting married on Oahu and was wondering which island we should go for our Honeymoon in October: Maui or Kauai? We have 5 nights and 6 days, but I am not sure which island to choose. Any advice and help would be great. Thanks!!!
  5. Hello, Mine are sage and lavender. I know that seems a tad bit weird, but for some reason I really like them together, so since its MY wedding, then why not!!!!! Good luck
  6. hunnyke

    home reception question...help!

    Hey, I think if you are comfortable in your dress and don't mind wearing it again, then why not, its your party, you can do anything you want!!!!!! Hey at least you can say, you were able to wear your wedding dress twice, most brides spend all that money to wear it for a couple hours, like I am doing
  7. Its not a formal wedding, but its not casual. It will take place on a lawn right near the beach. I will have a lot of wedding decor though. As far as the invites go, I am still struggling with them. I am pretty sure with what they look like they nice, but not too formal. It takes place at 3:00.
  8. My wedding will take place in Hawaii and I was wondering if I can get some help with how you word a destination wedding invite. I decided not to send STD, because everyone that is coming know the dates pretty much already. Any advice would be great!!!! Thanks.
  9. I would really like to hear everyones advice on wedding websites and honeymoon registry's. Are these tacky or a good thing to have. I have been debating whether to do the website and if I do, do you all have any suggestion for who I can use. As far as the honeymoon registry goes, I don't know if this is ridiculous to ask for someone to give you money to help pay for your honeymoon. I would really like to hear other peoples feedback on these things and who they are using for this. Thank you.
  10. hunnyke

    Reception advice

    Thanks everyone for your support. Bouncikat, The one I am thinking about is Paradise Cove, that is also where the ceremony is held. I don't really mind about speeches and stuff, we can always do that at the dinner the night before. The cake I am going to have right after the ceremony and before the luau, like a mini reception at the actual ceremony site with cake and champagne! Since you basically grew up on Oahu, do you have any advice or suggestions for me, hotels, places to eat...etc. I was trying to have a private luau, but I couldn't find a company that would do it for such a small guest list, unfortunately. Anyway...any information would be great. Are honeymoon will be in Kauai!!!
  11. Hello everyone!!! I need some help making this decision. My DW will be in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. My problem that I have been having is the reception...I was thinking of having it at a Luau. The ceremony is being held on the beach where supposedly "the biggest and best Luau in Hawaii" is held, just on a different side of the property. Right after the ceremony ends the luau starts and we can get escorted straight there. I would be getting the best tickets for all my guests for the best seats. The problem I am having is, is it okay do you think to have a public luau take place as my reception? I have read a lot of reviews on this luau and heard mostly good things, but I have heard it does get crowded. The tickets I am getting are table service so my guests don't have to stand in line for the bar or food. I just want them to be happy. So, I need your alls advice on if I should do this or not. We will be having a dinner for everyone the night before to welcome everyone and to thank everyone for coming, it will be like a rehearsal dinner. Help!!!! Thank you for any advice I can get.
  12. Hello!!! I have a major dilemmas on what to do with my invites. I decided not to do STD, but I would like to do the invitation and announcement basically in the same card. Any suggestions on wording with this, I am really struggling with it. It is going to be in Hawaii, so I would like something fun, but romantic!!!! Any help would be great. Thanks!!!!!
  13. hunnyke


    Hello! First of all congratulations to you all!!!! My name is Karalinda and I am getting married on Oahu, HI on October 03, 2008. Hope to get to know you all and learn a lot!!!!!