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  1. No, I had my ceremony and reception at Dreams. My mom got used to the the AI real quickly and tried to get me to switch to using one of the restaurants at Dreams because she enjoyed her dinner there so much. This was 10 minutes before we were all getting into cabs to go to Mestizo! Lol! It would've been cheaper for sure since most of our guests were staying at the hotel, so it would've been free food/drinks, but I wanted to get "off-campus."
  2. I just held a welcome dinner at Mestizos in PV a couple weeks ago (Friday, 11/21/0. I haven't done a full on review of our wedding (we just got back!), but the restaurant was totally willing to work with our budget, about $2300. When I thought we were going to have 50+ guests, I was able to select 8-9 appetizers that would be served all evening. I was going to set the drink tab to $600. When I got the final headcount of 40, I decided to do an appetizer, dinner, dessert (options from the regular menu) and keep the $600 drink tab. We did end up going over on the drink tab a little, but that's because the waiters brought out tequila shots at the end. (They did ask for approval on whether to go over the tab or not as I requested.) Food was fantastic, service was wonderful, and communication was so easy. Plus the space was really a perfect size for us, not too big or small. I have pictures and will try to post soon!
  3. Ah, I am accustomed to N. Cal weather, but I'm usually freezing, so maybe it'll be perfect! Thanks!
  4. Mishka, I was looking at the weather forecast and it still looks hot! Well to me, at least. Here's to hoping that the weather gets a little cooler on Saturday when I am out getting married!
  5. Kathy, I'm sure you got this email earlier this week too, but for everyone else who like looking at pictures, DD has a few more updates! Check out this link The Dazzling Details
  6. i think your dress is breath-taking. i really love it. it looks wonderful on you and it's definitely an "impact" dress.
  7. Pisces, I'm on the fence about OOT bags. I do tend to think about it more generally as a gift from the bride & groom. I think it's great that you are doing a luau as your gift. After our welcome reception and our wedding day, we can't afford something that nice. (Wish we could though!) I think it will come down to whether we can come up with a meaningful/thoughtful gift that all of our guests would enjoy.
  8. For more decorative starfish, coral, and shells, try Pottery Barn. They are selling summer decor for 50% off online and in-stores. These are larger, not really for favors though. I could definitely see them being used as part of center pieces or other decor. And of course, they are nice enough to decorate your home with too! They are available in the resin material and metal. (I saw the metal ones in store and other assorted shells too).
  9. I was freaking out about airline prices from California (SFO, SJC) to Puerto Vallarta because they spiked up to over $700 a couple weeks ago. I thought a few relatives who hadn't purchased (but were intending to) would be priced out, but GOOD NEWS!!! I found November tickets tonight and booked for 2 of my cousins. The tickets were $420 on American Airlines. That's not as low as what some guests got who were on the ball in March, but it's pretty damn good after that $700 scare. So, for anyone with guests w/o a ticket yet, go check TODAY! Plus don't forget to search for Orbitz and Cheapticket coupon codes for air+hotel packages. I have all my guests use the $75 off coupon if they book on those sites. (Btw, I was booking around 10:30pm tonight and a few times when I was searching I noticed the prices go down so maybe systems were updating prices?? Maybe the falling oil prices are finally having an impact...)
  10. I totally spent an entire evening googling silk flowers a few weeks ago. I was thinking of using it them with a ribbon a la j. crew on bridesmaid dresses as an accent color and a little extra detail. If you want to try a DIY project, you can order pretty silk flowers from Silk Flowers Greenery & Garlands or Silk Wedding Flower Stems A couple random sites with cute hair accessories: Torrid.com - Plus sizes - Product Details Page - Large White Peony Hair Clip Dahlia Pins and of course, there are lots of good options on etsy.com A simple instruction on how to make your own pin for the crafty impaired like me... DIY - Silk Flower Brooch | Wise Bread I also like a variation on a flower pin using feathers!
  11. It's true - not all Macy's sell Laura Mercier, but you can check Laura Mercier - Find Stores & Events - Store Locator - www.lauramercier.com. I haven't tried Laura Mercier in a looong time. After all of the positive posts, I definitely want to try it again and also Bobbi Brown. I am currently using the Armani foundation and love it. I actually have the foundation in two shades for my winter coloring and summer coloring. I think it's fabulous but am always open to trying new products! Bloomingdales also sells Armani makeup. For quick touch-ups or when I don't have time for the liquid foundation, I love using the Shiseido dual wet/dry compact. I use it dry though. I tried MAC and agree w/Christine - it made me look like a ghost! I was probably using the wrong shade, but it also looked very make-up-y and dry. Ick. Does anyone have an opinion on foundation primer?
  12. holy moly! I've never been one to count down the days, but are we seriously down to 4 months? That is so crazy. My FI and I have just started going to the gym on a regular basis. My goal is to get some strong arms and back for those pictures! I still have to do invitations too. At least the STDs went out months ago!
  13. That really good to know that David's Bridal has shorter lead times And ordering a larger dress is a great idea! Thanks for the helpful advice!!
  14. I am overjoyed that my very good friend is pregnant. And I am happy for another friend who is trying to get pregnant. And both are bridesmaids! Has anyone had to fit friends for maternity dresses? And how would we do that when we don't know what their size will be in 5 months?
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