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    newbie Dominican Republic bride (Melia)

    to the forum and Congratulations!
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    Newbie! Secrets Capri Bride

    Congratulations and to the forum!
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    Newbie Cancun/Rivera Maya Wedding

    to the forum! You came to the right place to find helpful information! Happy planning
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    Anyone planning a Kauai wedding?

    I feel so silly! We ate there like twice when we visited last February! We stayed across the street at the Kiahuna Plantation!! Awesome food and thank you so much for triggering my memory!! What a great place for my welcome party!!
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    Joining the mommy club

    Congratulations Christine!!
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    Anyone planning a Kauai wedding?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gwynemark Hey Jana, we live in Florida now but I grew up in Hawaii. There is a great place there in Kauai thats common for wedding parties and its fabulous. The food is great, prices are fair and the location is wonderful. Sit outside on the patio and you get a beautiful scene right out of a movie. Here is the link. Keoki's Paradise Restaurant and Bar - Poipu Restaurant Good luck! Take Care Gwyne and Mark Our Site Thank you so much for the tip!! I am definitely going to look into Keokis!!
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    Hi! Im also getting married in HI, on Kauai!
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    Cancun Wedding

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Newbie from Texas!

    to the forum and have fun planning!!
  10. Wow those look great from what I can see! And what a good find at Michaels for the Cutter - Im gonna have to check that out! Thanks for sharing
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    Newbie Cancun bride as well

    to the forum!! There is a ton of information here - happy planning!
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    Newbie.Oahu wedding.July 2008.

    to the forum!! I'm planning my wedding for Kauai - unfortunately I don't know much about Oahu but Congrats and Happy Planning!!
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    Newbie EDR bride!

    and Congratulations!!
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    New Guestbook Option

    Thanks for the link - that site is awesome, I had no idea that was out there!
  15. Oh really, so if you book a block of rooms you can guarantee your wedding date? Or am I not understanding. I just want to be able to coordinate and look at entertainment, flowers, send out STDs, etc. and I can't imagine doing all that not knowing if my date will be available when it comes time to really book the wedding. Know what I mean? Thanks for your help!!