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  1. Yeah Paso robles rock, I prefer Castoro, for sheer beauty of the place and Bianchi for the cordial service you will get. I love robert Hall for beauty of archecture design, but management charge tax on a retainer for one of my brides which is really not right tax wise. Edna Valley has attitude toward everyone and Summerwood is jsut beautiful. Castle Eagle rocks and is amazing but a small area to eat-I would have to say Castoro is my favorite in most great in everything.
  2. thanks, i got a degree in photography and graphic design so i am always torn between both world, photos and logos- thanks for the complimentas
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jayreilly www.shuterfly.com Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing both i think are good. I def second Flikr-
  4. This one is for stacey and Adam hope they like it-no catch, just hoping later they do somethign good for someone else, and I know she will~ I believe when you help others with no attachment they will also do the same. http://www.temptingweddings.com/mono...ono_stacey.jpg and another with a blue edge http://www.temptingweddings.com/monograms/stacey2.jpg There is also this palce that does them, and they have tons of ideas! Marry Monograms™ - Personalized Wedding Logos
  5. i alos have a file somonewhere from my wedding, but the thing i did wich was stupid i made too many, who ever you think is coming cut that in half and minus more-
  6. i have several brides who ahve booked at the Palm Event center..it def rocks and the new Casa Real, I most certaintly woudl suggest either place, 10 on the food, 10 on the service too!
  7. I just made another one for melissa and Carlos- http://www.temptingweddings.com/mono...lissa_mono.jpg
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by EDYTA I got married in Cabo and a month later had a AHR it was at the Toronto Park Hyatt on their rooftop and it was gorgeous. We only had 50 guests and it was more of a cocktail party...apps were served and cocktails, we rented lounge furniture it was awesome, had a dj, set up alot of candles and roses around the venue. My only recommendation would be to find a venue that is cozy if you're only having 50 guests just because you still want to make it intimate. do you have a budget for this type of thing, I would get a planner and do the above, you wont be sorry!
  9. please becareful, def do some research on whomever you use, i dont really like the wpja...but if you look there you can at least find a reputable local one near you, for safety reasons. At leasst that woudl be the advice I give my chidlren, adn def pick a female shooter if you can, men dont understand our bodies as well as women do.
  10. the 1200 dpi is your final output, ie for exapmple wallpaper on your computer is ( mine is 1290x1024) pixels the same thing goes for when your scanning you need to know what your final output is. When i was in school, when i woudl get scans done of my prints average file was 100 mg, quite large, what i woudl do is match the scans to what you have digital right now, and in fact your better off paying someone in yoru are locally to do this and put them all on dvd- When you scan if you dont do it right your goign to have dust spots and it will start looking crappy unless you know photoshop well. Do a search and see if it can be done local if not go to the net, i am sure you can outsource this type of work.
  11. i will send you the hgih res fiels tommrow- I will upload it to my site then send you a llink where you can dowload it, i will have the jpg version and the illustrator file, where are you printing this? jsut so i can knwo how you might need the files. thanks again, i told ya I lvoe this stuff. When i was in school i designed my own font too, serioulsy fontographer, oh my, its the bomb!
  12. Hi heidi i couldnt reply in my message box so i jsut posted it here, if you want somethign diff let me know -i wont be back till modnay bu8t i cna help you agian after that- thanks t
  13. I think Mpix is a good choice, so many out there are not good, also when you pick a place like mpix or rite aid, make sure its fuji frontier printing and professional grade paper ( ASK the pritner what kind of paper) or it wont last as long, no use making pritns and it only last 4 years before it starts to fade, liek for sure do not use costco. horrid also, i think your best is mpix, or a local printer who has professional paper so when you do make an album it lasts.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by coming together I would totally love your help if you're not to busy. Let me know. Thanks. what are the intials, sorry new to the board, Of course i am not busy, well i am but graphic design is like having a beer, somethign i enjoy very much, def let me help you. How do i post here, photobucket?
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